Your Child’s First Visit

Katie on Her Experience One look at our Rochester, MN dentist office tells you that Northwest Dental Group is a kid-friendly place. With cartoons and stuffed animals in our care rooms and a playroom in our waiting area, you know we enjoy seeing even the youngest patients!

Dr. Post has even written a collection of books specifically for you and your child to enjoy! These books will help you prepare your child for their first visit to the dentist as well as other important appointments.

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Free Dental Exams for Babies

The American Dental Association recommends bringing your child for their first dental visit before their first birthday, or as soon as their teeth start coming in. Yet many people put it off, figuring that baby teeth aren’t as “important” as permanent teeth. You shouldn’t neglect baby teeth, however, as they play a role in your child’s development.

Northwest Dental Group encourages you to bring your child to see our Rochester, MN dentists by offering free dental exams for youngsters under the age of 3. With our efficient team performing your dental exams, both mom and baby can get their checkups done in an hour!

Convenient Hours for You and Your Baby

Here’s a pro tip for ensuring your child’s first dental visit goes well: Bring them at a time of day when they are rested and in a good mood. Of course, with babies, that may fall outside of normal “business” hours! That’s no problem at Northwest Dental Group, as we have morning, evening, and weekend appointments so you don’t have to miss work or school.

Making Dental Care Fun

We believe strongly in preventative dentistry at Northwest Dental Group. So to keep your kids interested in dental care, we do our best to make it fun! We use stuffed animals to show your children how to brush their teeth. And we have a cavity-free club. If your children maintain a clean bill of dental health, they can win tickets to Bounce World in Rochester, MN!

To visit our child-friendly Rochester, MN dentist offices, call Northwest Dental Group at  507-315-2932. Or use our online form to schedule an appointment.