Don’t Underestimate Tooth Bonding For Your Smile! [BLOG]

Even the tiniest imperfection with your appearance can be enough to mortify you. Your smile is part of that, quite an important one, in fact! It’s the first thing people see, and if you’re not happy with it, you’re going to find ways to stifle your smile. Consequently, you stifle your personality as well. Tooth bonding at Northwest Dental Group is an easy fix when you want to look ...

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Do You Know The Benefits Of Dental Implants? [QUIZ]

Your teeth are strong, but like most things, they are susceptible to trauma. It could be an accident, injury, or an oral health issue that threatens your teeth at some point. Dental implants at Northwest Dental Group can be used to replace one tooth, or even several teeth, with more stability than any other replacement option. Because of that, you’re able to reap a long list of benefits. ...

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A Full-Mouth Reconstruction Covers A Full Range Of Options! [VIDEO]

Rebuilding smiles at Northwest Dental Group is a process that’s completely unique from one patient to the next. But with our diverse team of dental professionals bringing their own special skills and experience to our two Rochester, MN practices, we’re well-equipped to handle it! Here’s Dr. Sperling explaining the many meanings of a full-mouth reconstruction and how it covers a wide ...

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Meet Dr. James Vu, DDS, Your New Rochester, MN Dentist! [BLOG]

Our team at Northwest Dental Group couldn’t be more thrilled to bring you today’s blog! You’ll be seeing a new face in our Rochester, MN dental practice, and we’re excited to get you more acquainted with him. Dr. James Vu, DDS, is the newest member to join our team, and we’re proud of the experience, skill, and passion he’s already bringing to our practice! Welcome, Dr. James ...

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Invisalign Isn’t Just A Treatment. It’s An Opportunity! [VIDEO]

You’d be surprised at how important straight teeth are to your oral health. Sure, there’s a cosmetic advantage to a straight, beautiful smile. But it also makes it much easier to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. Here’s Dr. Post at Northwest Dental Group talking about her own amazement at the wide-ranging benefits of Invisalign to straighten crooked teeth. According ...

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You’re Invited To Our Free Dental Implant Seminar! [BLOG]

Are you ready to live the way you want? To eat the way you want? To have the confidence and the beautiful smile you deserve? Then today is your lucky day! Our team at Northwest Dental Group is giving you a sneak peek at an upcoming event that could be the start of better quality of life after tooth loss! You’re invited to our free dental implant seminar at the 125 Live Center for ...

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Why Adults May Prefer Invisalign To Traditional Braces [BLOG]

Invisalign Week at Northwest Dental Group is July 16-21, and our team wants to make sure you have an introduction to this innovative orthodontic treatment in time to check it out in our Rochester, MN dental office. How Is Invisalign Treatment Different? Instead of having brackets bonded to your teeth held together by wires, Invisalign is an orthodontic method that moves your teeth into ...

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4 Reasons To Celebrate Invisalign [INFOGRAPHIC]

Invisalign Week at Northwest Dental Group is coming up, which is why you should call to set up your consultation! It’s more than just a way to straighten your teeth in our Rochester, MN dental office. It’s a way to feel great about how you look for a lifetime. Here’s an infographic that gives you just four of the many reasons to celebrate Invisalign treatment. Call Northwest ...

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Here’s What Professional Teeth Whitening Looks Like! [PHOTO]

Have you wasted any time or money on a store-bought teeth whitening kit? Were you happy with the results? We didn’t think so. That’s because the only way to get real results is at the hands of a professional. Dr. Post and our team at Northwest Dental Group want you to check out today’s before and after image so you can see what professional teeth whitening treatment looks ...

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Tooth Fillings That Match Your Smile! [PHOTO]

Cavities are a great threat to your oral health. But unfortunately, if your only option for treating one is a dark metal filling, a cavity can end up being a threat to your smile, too. The great news is that at Northwest Dental Group, you have options! We offer gold, amalgam, composite, and even zirconia tooth fillings so you can choose the one that best suits your dental needs and ...

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