When Should You Replace An Old Dental Crown?

Repairs rarely last forever. If you sew up a tear in your clothes, that spot can tear again after so many washings. Patch a leaky sink, and you wouldn’t be surprised to see that leak come back a few years later. The same is true for dental restorations. Sure, they repair your teeth. They can even last a long time. Nothing lasts forever, and there are times when you might have to replace your dental restoration.

Dental crowns are one of the most common restorative dentistry treatments. That’s because they world incredibly well to repair damaged teeth. They even make teeth look great. As with any dental treatment, though, they can need to be replaced.

Why Would You Get A Dental Crown In The First Place?

Dental crowns are a type of restorative dentistry treatment. That means they’re used to restore your teeth back to how they should be. They fit snugly over your teeth. If you have a tooth that was chipped or cracked, a dental crown will cover up and seal the damage. The rough spots won’t get any worse, and you’ll be able to use your tooth as normal.

At our Rochester, MN dental office, you’ll get dental crowns made specifically for your teeth. They’ll look like healthy versions of the teeth they cover, and they’ll be colored to match the shade of your natural teeth. Once placed, you’ll have a strong but good-looking tooth.

Usually, dental crowns are made from porcelain. This material is perfect for your smile, as it’s tough, harder to stain, and easily shaped. However, some patients benefit from metal crowns, gold crowns, or ones made from zirconium. Dr. Post will go over your dental crown options with you so you can make an informed choice.

Why Do Dental Crowns Need Replacing?

Regardless of what material is used to make your dental crown, they are designed to last for years. Typically, a dental crown will last anywhere from five to over 25 years. Why such a wide range? Because everyone is different, and people have different eating and dental hygiene habits. Also, your teeth are put under a lot of pressure. You chew over and over again each day. Unless you stick with a strict diet of mush, you’re going to have wear-and-tear on any dental work.

Dental crowns use a special adhesive to stay on your teeth. Nothing lasts forever, so this adhesive can start to break down over time. It’s rare that a dental crown ever comes off, but if you’ve had one for over 20 years, that chance is higher. This adhesive can also develop holes that lead to the damaged parts underneath. Bacteria can slide into those holes, attacking your teeth.

Then there are the problems caused by gum disease When bacteria irritate your gums, your gumline recedes from your teeth. Dental crowns only cover the part of the tooth normally visible. Exposing parts normally hidden can let bacteria slip underneath the crown. Besides gum disease, these bacteria cause cavities. You could have tooth decay underneath a dental crown after so many years.

There’s also a chance you can accidentally damage your crown. Chewing on ice or hard candy can do that, but so can a sports accident. Even car crashes can rattle your teeth and damage your dental crowns. They’re very durable, but nothing is indestructible.

How You Can Make Your Dental Crown Last

Replacing your dental crown at our Rochester, NH dental office is a routine treatment. Our dentists will carefully remove the old one and place a new one. It’s still best to keep your old dental crown as long as you can. Here are some ways you can make your dental crowns last longer.

– Be careful about what you eat. Avoid sugary foods and limit your carbohydrates, as harmful bacteria thrive on both. Also, skip chewing really tough things like ice. That can just damage your teeth and dental work.

– Wear a custom mouthguard when active. If you’re doing something that requires a helmet, get one for your teeth. You can get a mouthguard customized for your smile at our office. It protects both your teeth and your dental crowns should you have an injury.

– Keep your mouth clean. Brush and floss regularly to help control the harmful bacteria in your mouth. You should also come to our Rochester, MN dental office every six months for a dental exam.

Dental crowns can last a long time, but there are times when you’ll need to have one replaced. If you think your dental crown might need some work, call us today at 507-216-6252.