What To Ask At Your Family’s Next Dental Appointment [BLOG]

Parents know better than anyone how tough it is to filter out all the distractions of modern daily life.

You not only have the smartphone, which means you’re available to everyone you’ve ever met everywhere you go 24/7, but you probably also have a million questions to answer from your littles from sunup to sundown.

Really easy questions.

Ones you can answer effortlessly while making dinner, driving to school, or paying bills.

You know, why is the sky blue?

Why don’t we fall off the planet if it’s spinning so fast?

How come people cry when they’re happy?

Is Santa Claus real?

Being a parent is a no-joke, constantly on-guard and always caught off-guard, hilarious, terrible, beautiful, exhausting, stressful, most important thing you’ll ever do kind of job.

Through it all, you can’t possibly expect yourself to remember all those questions you wanted to ask the dentist or absorb every detail of what he or she tells you at your family’s dental appointments.

Our team at Northwest Dental Group understands, and that’s why we’re giving you some ideas about what to ask at the next checkup to maximize your family’s time at the dentist! Jot them down or save the link, and you’re all set!

*How Can I Help My Family Prevent Cavities?

There are all sorts of things you can do at home to encourage good dental habits that will help prevent cavities. Obviously, it takes daily brushing and flossing, using the right tools and techniques, and also limiting sugary food and drinks.

But it also means visiting us for cleanings and exams on a regular basis. During those visits, ask us if it’s time for a fluoride application or dental sealants. These preventive services will help shield teeth from cavity-causing bacteria.

*How Do Everyone’s Back Molars Look?

When we check everyone’s teeth, we’ll be able to tell who in your family is cleaning their teeth effectively, and who might need a little extra help with their brushing and flossing technique. The back molars are especially tricky, not just for kids, but for adults as well.

Talk to us about how to best keep those hard-to-reach places clean and safe from plaque and tartar buildup.

*Do We Need To Change Anything About Our Diet?

Northwest Dental Group offers nutritional counseling to help you learn more about foods and drinks that help and hurt your family’s teeth. If there seems to be a problem with tooth decay and cavities with someone in your family, for example, we can talk to you about what might be in your fridge or pantry.

Many juices, sports drinks, and snacks contain hidden sugars, including highly-processed, carb-loaded convenience foods that are advertised as healthy but could actually be harming your teeth.

*Should I Be Screened For Oral Cancer?

We recommend periodic oral cancer screenings regardless of age or risk factors. Everyone should be checked, and at Northwest Dental Group, we include oral cancer screenings as part of our routine dental checkups.

If you’re concerned about your risk, or the risk of anyone in your family, ask about our screening process and ways we can help you stay on top of your family’s oral health.

*Is It Time To Starting Thinking About Orthodontics?

If your child is approaching middle or high school and has crooked teeth or minor bite problems, it might be time to consider Invisalign. We have a special Invisalign program for teens that makes it easier to know when to switch to new aligners, to replace lost aligners, and even indicators that show if the aligners are being worn according to the instructions.

We can check your child’s dental development and assess if they need, and are ready to move forward with, Invisalign orthodontics to improve their smile!

Schedule Your Family’s Next Appointment

With all the distractions surrounding us these days, especially when you’re a parent, it can be really easy to forget what the dentist says or what questions you meant to ask at your family’s appointment.

Write down your questions and concerns and bring them with you! We’d be happy to go over everything thoroughly so you have the tools you need to keep your family’s teeth strong, clean, and healthy!

Call Northwest Dental Group in Rochester, MN today at 507-216-6252 or fill out our online form to request an appointment for your family.