We’ve Helped Countless Patients With Restorative Dentistry (Including A Dog!)

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Below, we’ll be discussing a story about a furry patient that we helped out. But we also want you to know that you and your family members should be able to get just about any treatment you need under one roof when you visit us.

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Learn How We Helped Rochester’s 1st K-9 Dog With A Dental Fix

Northwest Dental Group has been giving back to our community since we first opened up shop. But back in the 1970’s, one of our dentists, Dr. Richard Rossi, got a call that he didn’t really see coming. But let’s start at the beginning of the story.

Bruce Norton had been interested in becoming a police officer from a very young age and he achieved that goal when he served as a member of the Rochester Police Department from 1967 to 1987. But before joining the RPD, he had to move to Rochester and live here for a year. During that time, he worked part-time for Rochester Bank and Trust (which is now Midwest Bank on 16th Ave.) for the owner of the bank, Richard Plunkett.

Through the course of several conversations, Plunkett convinced Norton to get involved with K-9 training in the hopes of starting a K-9 program in Rochester, since there was not any such program in place at the time. Intrigued, Norton traveled to Denver, CO with Plunkett in 1976 to meet a friend of Plunkett’s, Jessie Lewis, a member of the Denver police department who was working as a K-9 trainer.

After learning much during their meeting with Lewis, Plunkett supported Norton’s quest to start a K-9 unit in Rochester by paying for Norton’s first dog, Denver, and all of the training he required. After many tiresome months of training Denver day and night, Norton was confident that they were ready to present Denver to the mayor and city council in hopes of introducing Rochester’s first K-9 police program.

In preparation, Norton arranged for individuals to go into city hall and plant “explosives” (including one under the chair of then-mayor of Rochester, Chuck Hazama) that Denver would then have to track down during their demonstration. Denver didn’t hesitate and alerted Norton to the explosives under Hazama’s chair immediately.

Hazama was fascinated at the dog’s ability to scope out the hazardous explosives so quickly and, after this demonstration, he approved the start of the RPD’s first K-9 dog, Denver, with his owner and handler Bruce Norton at his side! Following the start of this program, Norton trained up to 30 K-9’s at a time over the course of his 11 years in the K-9 program.

During this time, Norton would also bring Denver to the local elementary schools to show children what police officers and K-9s do to help protect them and the community from dangerous activity and crimes. He would also teach children about safety protocols at home and school to help prevent any accidents. Norton even had coloring books made for the kids, with Denver starring as the main character!

But Denver’s journey to becoming the first K-9 dog in Rochester might not have ever happened if it weren’t for Northwest Dental Group.

During his training, Denver snapped off a top left canine tooth. Because K-9 dogs need their canine teeth in tip-top shape to fight crime, Denver wouldn’t be able to serve alongside Norton without help repairing his damaged chomper. Not sure what to do, Norton took Denver to veterinarian Dr. Bob Waterman, at Heritage Pet Hospital in Rochester.

Upon examination, Dr. Waterman informed Norton that he couldn’t do anything for Denver’s tooth because he didn’t have the equipment or skills to do so, but he referred Norton and Denver to a close friend of his who happened to be a dentist in town, Dr. Richard Rossi, a dentist at Northwest Dental Group! It turns out that Norton and his family were already patients of Dr. Rossi, so Norton called our dental office right away.

Dr. Rossi accepted the challenge. He came to the animal hospital, examined Denver’s broken tooth, and determined his treatment plan and course of action. Shortly after, they sedated Denver in order to make an impression of his tooth that would later help them create a custom silver dental crown for Denver.

Thanks to Dr. Rossi’s skills and the shiny new silver tooth provided by them, Denver was able to keep doing valuable work as a K-9 police dog in Rochester. Norton and his family are still patients of Northwest Dental Group and they are forever grateful for what Dr. Rossi accomplished to save Denver’s tooth and arguably his professional K-9 career as well.

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