Three Reasons You Should Try Invisalign

Straight teeth look nicer. Most people would agree with that, which is why millions of people begin orthodontic care every year.

And more and more of those patients are adults. In fact, recent surveys show that 1 in 4 orthodontic patients is over 21. If you are someone who wants to realign your smile, talk to us about whether Invisalign could work for you.

Today, we’ll give you three advantages of using Invisalign over braces.

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1. Comfort

You may have worn braces as a teenager … but then you forgot to wear your retainer. In those situations, your teeth can shift back, which may be why you are interested in Invisalign aligners today. If you didn’t wear braces when you were younger, then feel free to ask anyone who did what that experience was like.

The brackets and wires do a great job of moving teeth, but they can be a bit uncomfortable. Brackets can irritate the soft tissues of your mouth. The wires can break and poke you in the lips, cheeks, or gums.

With Invisalign, you receive a series of plastic aligners that are custom-designed to fit your teeth. Since each aligner is a single smooth piece, it’s much less likely to cause irritation, and it does have smaller parts that can break and poke or scratch you.

You will feel some slight pressure when you place a new aligner in your mouth, but this isn’t as bad as having your braces adjusted. (At least, that’s what our patients who have used both tell us.)

2. Convenience

Braces also affect your daily life in some noticeable ways. We noted above that wires can break. At the same time, brackets can break loose from teeth. For these reasons, you are supposed to avoid foods that are crunchy, hard, chewy, or sticky.

When you consider that most people have braces for 18 months or more, that’s a long time to go without some of your favorite foods.

If you use Invisalign, however, you can eat anything you would like. Why? Because unlike braces, you can remove your aligners during meals. That means you can keep enjoying your favorite foods at your favorite restaurants.

Just remember to clean your teeth and your aligner before you put it back in your mouth.

3. Clarity

This may be the biggest reason that many adults love Invisalign. Several patients have told us they want straight teeth, but they don’t necessarily want people to know about their treatment.

Invisalign aligners are transparent, which makes them practically invisible when you wear them.

This alone has helped many working adults decide to begin orthodontic care. When you have a discreet way to straighten your smile, you may be more willing to go through with the treatment.

Do Something For Yourself

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