The Key To Lasting Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening products all promise the same thing: long lasting whitening that’s noticeable almost immediately. They also have another thing in common – it’s not true! When you’re looking for teeth whitening that gets the job done you can be lost in a sea of false promises and failed products!

At Northwest Dental Group we’re committed to bringing you teeth whitening results that you can actually see! We’ve selected the most effective in-office and at-home teeth whitening methods to get you results you can really see! We’ve also created a special whitening for life program designed to get your teeth white and keep them that way – permanently!

The Secret To Real Teeth Whitening

The basics of teeth whitening haven’t changed in a long time, and they don’t need to! There are, however, some additional steps that need to be taken to make sure that teeth whitening is successful!

Whitening products generally use a gel made of hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth. Peroxide gel definitely works but it’s incredibly unstable and really needs to be strong so that it’s still effective by the time it’s used! Hydrogen peroxide breaks down into oxygen and water. When it does that on your teeth both elements are able to lift and remove stains from your teeth with ease!

Hydrogen peroxide does its business over time, so if there’s a way to speed it up then you can get better results faster. That’s exactly what we do at our two Rochester dentist offices!

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Our in-office whitening system is designed to work fast. In fact, you’ll see visible results in just about an hour of treatment! We accelerate our whitening gels by using a specially-designed ultraviolet light that causes hydrogen peroxide to break down faster – it’s like cleaning dirty pots and pans with a scouring pad and not just a sponge!

Think about the container of hydrogen peroxide in your bathroom – it’s probably brown and opaque. That’s because light breaks hydrogen peroxide down really fast! By applying our light, which is specially designed and tuned for the process, you’ll see results that you never could with conventional or over-the-counter products!

At-Home Whitening

There’s also another big reason that whitening doesn’t work – saliva destroys the gel! That might seem hard to believe but it’s completely true! Take-home teeth whitening can be completely ruined by cheap, one-size-fits-all whitening trays! That’s why we use custom-fit trays that we make right at our office!

When you come to us for whitening we’ll take an impression of your teeth and create trays that fit great and lock out saliva! You’ll be getting predictable, visible results that whiten your smile in just a couple weeks!

Whitening For Life

Stains happen. Whether it’s your teeth, your clothes, or the outside of your house you have to touch things up and keep them clean to retain a good look! Teeth whitening can do wonders for your teeth but it isn’t permanent. Your teeth will stain again.

At Northwest Dental Group we’re proud to offer teeth whitening for life! Our lifelong program just has one qualification: you have to see us without missing a regular dental check-up and we’ll supply you with teeth whitening products for as long as you’re a patient! This amazing deal will keep your teeth healthy, clean, and sparklingly white for your whole life – what a great bargain!

Get A Healthy Smile That Really Shines!

Whitening for life is available at both of our Rochester Dentist Offices and we’d love to show you how great it works! If you’re looking for a way to keep your smile bright, your mouth healthy, and get those whitening promises fulfilled then see us today!

You can reach both Northwest Dental Group offices by calling us at 507-216-6252. If you would prefer to schedule an appointment now you can do so by filling out our online form! We look forward to seeing you soon!