Perfect Your Smile In Time For The Holidays!

Is it already November? We can hardly believe it here at Northwest Dental Group, but that’s what the calendar is telling us! That means the holidays are coming on fast and with them comes family visits, friends you haven’t seen all year, and a lot of time to smile! But what if your smile doesn’t make you happy?

A lot of our patients want cosmetic solutions for the parts of their smiles they don’t like but many of them don’t want to wait for the months or years it takes to get that great new look! Thankfully you don’t have to – we can get you a great smile in as little as one visit!

Cosmetic Dentistry That Fast?

It’s possible in many situations! What part of your smile remains hidden – is it a gap, a deep stain, a crooked or misshapen tooth, or a chip? Or maybe you’re just not happy with the color of your teeth. It doesn’t matter – we can fix these problems at our Rochester dentist office!

Teeth Bonding: The One Day Cosmetic Solution

Those cosmetic flaws we mentioned above can all be treated in one visit. Amazing, isn’t it? Using the same material that we use on our tooth colored fillings we can reshape your teeth, close gaps, and take care of minor cosmetic issues that have left you unhappy for years!

Our dental composite is a mixture of plastic and glass that can be color matched to your teeth and is practically indistinguishable from natural enamel. It goes onto your teeth in a soft, putty-like form where we shape it to be exactly how you want it. After you look at your new smile and give it a final okay we’ll use a special light to harden it in place and you’ll be ready to enjoy your new smile – that’s all it takes!

Cosmetic bonds can last for years – up to a decade – and will look great with continued regular care. You don’t need to treat your cosmetic bonds any differently than you would your natural teeth, making them easy and hassle-free while producing great results!

Get A Whiter Smile For Real!

There’s a lot to be said for teeth whitening. Many patients think it’s one big scam while others are convinced it works but they haven’t found the right solution yet. Both those positions are true to an extent, in that both patients need to ditch the idea of over-the-counter whitening kits and go right for the professional solutions!

The teeth whitening we offer at our Rochester dentist office is reliable, proven, and consistent. Many of the problems of commercial whitening kits are things that professional whitening has known about and solved a long time ago! The formulas might be same but the equipment and results are completely different!

The biggest problem in teeth whitening is the material used to bleach your teeth: hydrogen peroxide. It definitely works and when used properly can get real results, but it’s super sensitive! Think about that bottle of hydrogen peroxide you have at home: it doesn’t even let light in! The chemical bonds that make up peroxide are weak, and it doesn’t take much to turn it into nothing but oxygen and water.

That breakdown is what you want when whitening your teeth – it does all the scrubbing – but not because of your saliva! That’s right: your mouth’s own saliva can ruin the whitening process! That’s why our take-home whitening features custom made trays that evenly coat your teeth while locking out saliva. You’ll see amazing results in just a couple weeks of half-hour evening sessions!

Our in-office whitening offers brilliant results in just a single one-hour appointment. We paint the whitening gel directly onto your teeth and use a special light that is specifically tuned to speed up the whitening process for brilliant, beautiful results!

Don’t Wait – Time Is Running Out Fast!

Imagine showing up to the holidays with a great new look – your friends and family will be amazed at your new sense of confidence and your new smile! All it takes is a visit to Northwest Dental Group but don’t wait: this is our busy time of the year too! If you don’t decide to seek these quick cosmetic treatments today you may not have a chance before 2016!

Call our Rochester dentist office today at 507-216-6252 or request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!