New Technology Creates Faster Care!

No one wants to go to the dentist only to hear “this is going to take a few visits.” What will you do in between appointments? Will you be left with a half-treated tooth? What will happen to your smile? None of these are things we want our patients to go through. The level of uncertainty with this kind of care is sometimes essential but at Northwest Dental Group we work hard to eliminate it whenever possible!

That’s why we invest in the latest dental technologies that have proven to be effective and beneficial to our patients. We’re proud to now offer the Planmeca dental crown mill at our Rochester dentist office! With this great machine you’ll be able to get dental crowns in just a single visit!

What Is A Crown?

When a tooth is damaged due to decay, trauma, or undergoes a root canal the remaining healthy portion needs to be protected and you want to have a healthy look back too! That’s where crowns come in: these porcelain restorations are made to look just like the tooth we’re protecting. In order to make the most of a crown we reshape the remaining portion of the damaged tooth so that the crown fits snugly on top. It’s cemented in place and then you’re all set to enjoy life with a healthy new tooth!

In the past, and often still today, dental crowns were made by taking an impression that was sent to a dental lab. It would generally take a couple of weeks to get the permanent crown back and in the meantime you would wear a temporary crown. These temporaries often leave a lot to be desired and have a habit of falling out, looking bad, and simply not performing well!

The final placement of your crown would happen at a second appointment, meaning that you would have to take more time out of your day to take a second trip to the dentist, potentially losing more work time and therefore more money! How inconvenient!

How Northwest Dental Group Solved That Problem

We were just as unhappy with that solution as our patients. So we went looking for the perfect solution and found it in the Planmeca PlanMill! This machine revolutionizes our ability to create dental crowns in just one appointment – often in about an hour!

We’ll still reshape your tooth like we did before. You won’t have to worry about nasty impression gel, though – we’re all digital now! Using a special intraoral scanner we’ll create a digital image of your mouth and the tooth to be crowned. We’ll use that digital image to design a crown right before your very eyes using specialized software – you’ll even be able to offer feedback on the final look!

The digital image we create is sent directly to the PlanMill. We then use a color matching guide to find the perfect color of porcelain and place it in the machine. Using diamond-tipped burs the machine goes to work creating a crown just for you, and in about an hour it will be ready to be placed – permanently!

You’ll be able to walk out of our office after just a couple of hours with a brand new tooth that looks and feels completely natural. It will match your other teeth and it’s possible you might even forget it’s there!

Why Choose A Same-Day Crown

The convenience and precision of our same-day crowns are state-of-the-art. Our brand new Planmeca PlanMill delivers superior results that look just as good as handmade crowns and all without the need to wait weeks for them to come back from the lab. There’s really not a whole lot to question, especially once you see the results – our same day crowns are amazing and are great for your dental care experience!

In Need Of A Crown? Don’t Wait!

If you’re suffering from serious tooth decay or damage don’t wait to have it treated. The faster we are able to take care of it the better, and now you know you won’t have to wait weeks for permanent results in Rochester, MN!

Don’t wait for treatment – call Northwest Dental Group today at 507-216-6252! You can also request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!