Meet Dr. James Vu, DDS, Your New Rochester, MN Dentist! [BLOG]

Our team at Northwest Dental Group couldn’t be more thrilled to bring you today’s blog!

You’ll be seeing a new face in our Rochester, MN dental practice, and we’re excited to get you more acquainted with him.

Dr. James Vu, DDS, is the newest member to join our team, and we’re proud of the experience, skill, and passion he’s already bringing to our practice!

Welcome, Dr. James Vu!

Originally from Saigon, Vietnam, James Vu spent much of his childhood in Canada, immigrating there with his three sisters after his mother passed away.  Although his early childhood was touched by this tragedy, being adopted into his aunt’s family, that already included four boys, helped shape his lifelong passion for serving others.

Growing up in a large family with little income, he and his siblings were no strangers to going without. In fact, it was their lack of routine dental care that led Dr. Vu to the person who first sparked his interest in dentistry!

Dr. Larry Ho, a local dentist who devoted a lot of time providing free dental care to those in need throughout the community, was someone Dr. Vu looked up to as a child. During one particular visit, Dr. Ho asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, and a young James replied, “I want to be just like you!”

Our team at Northwest Dental Group is glad Dr. Vu followed through on that early aspiration!

What Dr. Vu Brings To Our Dental Practice

One of the aspects of Northwest Dental Group that made Dr. Vu feel our practice was the right fit for him is our commitment to giving back to the community. This shared philanthropic vision, along with the compassionate, hard-working leadership he saw in our own, Dr. Katie Post, also compelled him to join our Rochester, MN team.

But our patients are the ones who truly benefit, thanks to the unique experiences Dr. Vu brings to our practice. He credits his first patient back in dental school, Mr. Devlin, for helping him gain invaluable experience and building his confidence in those early days of education and training.

Mr. Devlin’s patience, kindness, and understanding over the course of three years is something that still resonates with Dr. Vu and inspires him to always push himself to become a better practitioner.

With over a decade of professional experience, he loves the diverse opportunities practicing dentistry affords him every single day.

From relieving a patient’s pain, to restoring someone’s function and improving their quality of life after tooth loss with dental implants, to creating a beautiful new smile with cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Vu is motivated by the chance to help people feel better, look better, and live better.

Fun Facts Dr. Vu’s Patients Should Know!

It’s nice to have a dentist who treats you like a person rather than a patient, so in that spirit, here are some fun facts about Dr. Vu that will help you become more acquainted!

Any patient who comes to us complaining about painful chewing will find a compassionate dentist in Dr. Vu. He loves food, especially pho, a traditional Vietnamese dish, and he’s even willing to spend extra time staying fit if it means he can indulge his love of eating.

So you’re definitely in the right hands with Dr. Vu to help restore your teeth back to full food-loving function!

In his free time, you might also find Dr. Vu creating something unique with his own hands.

From designing and decorating his own wedding cake, to custom building an 8’ x 4’ indoor habitat for his pet tortoise, Charlie, to his latest project, a jeweled image of a Japanese koi, Dr. Vu is an artist who can craft more than just beautiful smiles!

And although he prefers to stay close to home as opposed to traveling, Dr. Vu admits he wouldn’t mind being blessed with the superpower of teleportation.

That would certainly make his daily commute to our 14th Street location a bit smoother, now wouldn’t it?

Nice forward thinking, Dr. Vu!

He’s faced unique hardships in his life but is always looking ahead and embracing the chance to keep moving forward and to keep learning.

Perhaps that’s why the words of Walt Whitman resonate with him so much,

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”

Dr. Vu has, quite literally, traveled a great distance to find his way to Northwest Dental Group.

And we couldn’t be happier to welcome him!

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