Light Up The New Year With Lumineers! [BLOG]

You’ve made it through another holiday season, where you tried to have a good time but spent a better part of the season trying to hide your embarrassing dental flaws.

The parties, the family photos, the impromptu group selfies with friends… you endured it, but it wasn’t without its share of stress about your stained, damaged teeth.

Maybe you’ve long wished for a beautiful smile that made times like this more relaxing and enjoyable, but for whatever reason, that wish never comes true.

Our team at Northwest Dental Group wants to help you!

If you didn’t find everything from your holiday wishlist under the tree this year, don’t stay stuck in 2018 thinking about what could’ve been.

Look forward to a brand new year and how we can help make your dreams come true with our advanced cosmetic smile solutions!

You have every reason to keep celebrating because we have all the quality cosmetic treatments you need to have the smile you’ve been wishing for, from simple teeth whitening to smile makeovers!

Today, you’ll learn about one of those transformative options in Rochester, MN and how they could be what you need to light up your smile in 2019!

Light Up The New Year With Lumineers!

Lumineers, as their name suggests, really light up your smile after they’re applied.

Like standard porcelain veneers, they conceal wide-ranging dental flaws, from stains to minor bite misalignment. In this one treatment, you get an entire cosmetic transformation, resulting in a brand new smile custom-made especially for you.

Lumineers will have you beaming with confidence about the way your smile looks, which is the perfect way to begin a new year!

*Lumineers Can Transform Your Smile*

Multiple dental flaws feels overwhelming for most patients.

That is, until they learn about the versatility and durability of veneers!

Finely-crafted translucent shells, veneers are bonded to your teeth to hide chips, stains, cracks, gaps, slightly crooked, or misshapen teeth.

They’re custom-made to sit flush against your gumline, to feel comfortable, and to even out the size and shape of your teeth so they look natural and lifelike, only brighter, flawless, and more radiant!

*Lumineers Are Quicker & Easier Than You Think*

You might be thinking that veneers are veneers, no matter what you call them.

But Lumineers are quicker and easier than traditional dental veneers. They accomplish the same cosmetic goals for your flawed teeth, but Lumineers take little-to-no work to prepare your tooth enamel for the bonding process. That means you may not need to spend any time getting an anesthetic or etching away at your natural teeth before they’re placed.

Lumineers can also be applied in as few as two appointments, which means you could be closer to your dream smile than you ever imagined!

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