Why Invisalign Clear Aligners Are Better Than Braces

When you’re an adult, having crooked or misaligned teeth is embarrassing. Isn’t that supposed to be fixed back when you were a teen? However, metal braces are almost worse. Sure, they do a good job at repositioning your teeth and jaw, but imagine being middle aged and wearing metal on your teeth. You don’t look young; you look immature.

That’s why you need to call Northwest Dental Group today at 507-315-2932 and schedule an appointment for Invisalign. It’s a thoroughly modern orthodontic treatment that many call “invisible braces.” That’s because Invisalign looks almost invisible on your teeth.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is a series of clear plastic aligners. Each is similar to a mouthguard but smaller and more comfortable. You wear them over your teeth most of the day, including at night. However, they can be taken out at any time.

Each aligner is slightly different than the one before. Their shape gently guides your teeth and jaw to where they should be. Over time, the Invisalign results will give you the straight teeth you want from an orthodontic treatment. Does Invisalign work? It works very well!

Because these aligners are made from smooth, clear plastic, they are all but invisible on your teeth. With Invisalign, you can get orthodontic care as an adult without the embarrassing metal and wires.

By calling our Rochester, MN dental office today, you can make your initial appointment for Invisalign clear aligners and get one step closer to having the smile you deserve.

Why Invisalign Beats Metal Braces

A discrete but effective orthodontic treatment is reason alone to go with Invisalign. Here are some more reasons why braces just cannot compare.


When you wear metal braces on your teeth, you have to avoid certain foods. Some are too tough (like pretzels) and can damage your braces. Others are too sticky (like caramel) and can increase your tooth decay risks by getting stuck to your braces — and the teeth they’re on. Even healthy snacks like carrot sticks cannot be enjoyed for 2-3 years.

Call us today at 507-315-2932 to schedule an appointment for Invisalign. You can take your clear aligners out whenever you want. When it’s time to eat, just pop them out, eat, brush, and put them back in.


It’s not hard to catch your braces on the inside of your lips and cheeks. That can really hurt. Worse, this can happen so often that you get scars on the inside of your mouth. Dental wax helps, but you need to keep some on-hand all the time.

By calling us today, you can skip the need for dental wax entirely with Invisalign. Since they are made from smooth plastic, there’s literally nothing to catch on. The inside of your mouth will stay safe while your teeth get straight.


In order to get results with braces, a wire connecting all the brackets on your teeth must be tightened every so often. That means interrupting your schedule and paying for dental visits repeatedly.

With Invisalign, our dentists will give you a set of aligners at your first visit. You simply stop using one on the right date and move on to the next. You’ll still need to visit our Rochester, MN dental office occasionally but much less that with braces. That means less time, energy, and money spent by you.


Your teeth cannot be dragged quickly into a new position, or they’d just move back. All orthodontic treatments take time. Traditional metal braces can normally take 2-3 years before you are done with them. That means 2-3 years of food restrictions, office visits, and so on.

That’s why you need to call Northwest Dental Group today for Invisalign. Because it’s a modern orthodontic treatment, most people are finished with Invisalign in about one year. That can save you 1-2 years!


Wearing metal braces requires some changes to how you live your life. Besides food restrictions, you have to use a special cleaner to get rid of food stuck to your braces. You also have to be careful, because if anything hits your mouth, you could get seriously injured.

Invisalign is made from plastic. It’s also removable. You need to wear your aligners as much as possible, but your daily routine won’t have to change much at all.

Call us TODAY at 507-315-2932 or use our online form to schedule your first appointment for Invisalign. Our dentists are highly trained in using Invisalign to give you a straight, even smile.