How Dr. Post Can Help Your Child Love The Dentist! [BLOG]

Everyone feels better when they can trust a highly-qualified dentist to administer the right treatment to keep their mouth healthy.

But just because a dentist has the right credentials doesn’t automatically make them good with younger patients.

That’s why you’re in excellent hands with a family dentist like Dr. Post at Northwest Dental Group!

Dr. Post’s New Children’s Dentistry Book Series!

Of course, Dr. Post is highly-trained and has years of experience serving the great people of Rochester, MN.

But she also has a gift for helping children feel comfortable about professional dental care.

In fact, we could say she wrote the book on it!

If you caught our last blog, you know that Dr. Post has been working on a new children’s book series specifically geared toward their very important introduction to dentistry and oral health. It’s a wonderful creation of Dr. Post’s born out of necessity when she couldn’t find enough current children’s literature about oral health that reflected modern dentistry.

So she set out to write a series of her own, and now we’re excited to start using her books to teach our youngest patients how to take care of their teeth and how to see coming to the dentist in a more positive way!

Your Child’s First Dental Visit Matters!

We know that the first time a child visits the dentist office is often just as stressful for the parents as it can be for the kids!

But again, we’re able to set patients of all ages at ease from the moment they enter our Rochester, MN dental office.

That’s because we know that overcoming the stress and anxiety many people associate with dental appointments can be a roadblock to a healthy smile.

So when you bring your child to Northwest Dental Group for their first appointment, we’ll do all we can to create a fun environment for them.

Your child can earn chances to win a trip to Bounce World right here in Rochester, and we also use stuffed animals to teach your child proper brushing techniques. And of course, Dr. Post adds a special brand of care with her fun stories!

Our goal is to make them feel safe, comfortable, and confident about coming to our practice for routine appointments, so we try to create a warm atmosphere as opposed to a cold, clinical environment you’d expect from a standard medical facility.

You can also help prepare your child at home for their first meeting with the dentist:

*Get a copy of Dr. Post’s latest children’s book and read it together!

*Talk to your child about how much fun they’re going to have at the dentist office!

*Let your child take ownership of their oral health by picking out their own toothbrush!

*Make oral hygiene at home a fun bonding experience for you and your child!

*Offer a fun reward for good behavior after you leave the dentist office so they’ll associate positive memories with the entire experience.

Schedule Your Child’s First Visit!

As your child grows, we’ll be there to support their development every step of the way.

Trust your child’s dental needs to our caring team at Northwest Dental Group!

To learn more about Dr. Post’s new children’s book series or to schedule your child’s first dentist appointment, call our Rochester, MN dental office at 507-216-6252 or fill out our online form.