How Dental Implants Can Restore Your Youth

Have you ever worried about growing old and ending up with a sunken face? You know the look: the toothless, sunken cheeked, short chinned look of stereotypical grandmas everywhere. If you’ve lost one or more teeth the idea of having a sunken face is probably at least a little bit on your mind!

At Northwest Dental Group we don’t think you should have to live with the inevitability of a sunken face, and there’s good news: you don’t! Whether you’re only now starting to lose teeth or are wearing a full set of dentures we can prevent a sunken face with state-of-the-art dental implants!

Why Does A Sunken Face Happen?

it can’t just be from tooth loss, right? If you thought that the sunken face you’re picturing was due to something besides just the loss of teeth you’re right. Tooth loss is the start of the premature aging that can happen because of a sunken face but it’s hardly the real cause.

The bone that holds your teeth in place is super thin. When you lose a tooth there isn’t a lot of reason for it to be there, so your body starts to reabsorb it. There’s a bit of a problem here, though: the bone that supported your missing tooth is still responsible for supporting the teeth next to it. The bone still ends up being lost, causing those neighboring teeth to loosen, shift, and eventually fall out altogether.

That’s the beginning of a chain reaction that could eventually span your whole mouth. As tooth after tooth falls out and your bone is reabsorbed you eventually get to the point where there aren’t any teeth left to lose!

Bone loss doesn’t stop there, however. Once it has started your body simply keep absorbing the bone of your jaws until there’s barely any left. That’s where that sunken look comes from.

Do Dentures Stop A Sunken Face?

Wearing dentures can disguise the sunken appearance associated with bone loss, but it doesn’t stop it. As your bone continues to shrink your dentures will fit worse and worse. For many people this leads to simply leaving their dentures out. Others wear them with great discomfort and unhappiness.

The unfortunate part about wearing poorly fitting dentures is that the end up looking incredibly artificial, especially with advanced bone loss. It becomes harder for the to fit properly, stay in place, and they can end up looking too large. All the while the bone loss you’ve suffered has left you with the same wrinkles, creases, and prematurely aged look you were hoping to avoid.

Fight Bone Loss With Dental Implants

Only one tooth replacement system is able to stop bone loss in its tracks: dental implants. Implants are titanium screws that bond directly to your bone, forming the same strong, permanent connection that existed with your regular teeth. Because implants bond to your bone your body recognizes them as teeth and your bone is never lost.

If you’ve lost a single tooth choosing a dental implant is the best choice you can make. Instead of a bridge, which covers the missing tooth without stopping bone loss, a single tooth implant will act just like growing another tooth. The bone is stable, the implant tooth is secure, and you’re ready to go on living without a hitch.

We can also intervene for partial denture wearers as well. We can place one or more dental implants to support a small bridges in your mouth that replace each and every missing tooth. If you’re worried that your partial denture is just a pit stop on the way to a toothless mouth we can stop that right where it is with implants!

Even for patients who’ve lost all of their teeth dental implants can help. While you’ve already lost bone at this point it isn’t necessarily to the degree that you’re worried about. Placing four implants per arch for an All-On-Four implant solution will leave you with permanent, fixed-in-place teeth that look, feel, and act just like the real thing. Better yet, they’ll stop bone loss and leave you looking great for years to come.

Stop Bone Loss By Acting NOW!

Losing bone in your mouth can be disheartening, depressing, and frustrating, but you have options. To find out everything we can do for you at Northwest Dental Group call us today! You can reach both our Rochester offices at 507-216-6252 or you can request an appointment right here online. We look forward to seeing you soon!