Fall In Love With Your Smile All Over Again

Valentine’s day is here, and if you’re one of the lucky ones who find themselves shot by Cupid’s arrow this year you’re probably making plans for a romantic evening. Dinner reservations, gifts, and other preparations are underway, but what about the relationship you have with your smile?

A lot of us ignore our teeth or try to hide them: we aren’t proud of the way they look, they embarrass us, and they destroy our confidence. If you’ve found yourself falling out of love with your smile then Northwest Dental Group can help – we want you to find a lifelong love with a smile you love to show off to the world!

What’s Wrong With Your Look?

Do you wake up in the morning and hate the set of teeth you see in the mirror? You aren’t alone. In fact, a lot of Americans hate something about their smiles but feel powerless to make a change. Many people just hate a single thing: maybe it’s a stain, a chip, some uneven enamel, or a crooked tooth or two. For others it’s a whole mouthful of problems. Either way, our Rochester dental team can fix it!

We have a variety of cosmetic dental options available to help perfect your smile. From the simplest of teeth whitening procedures to an Invisalign orthodontic sequence we’ll have you loving your smile as fast as we can.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Not Just For The Vain

We’ve recommended cosmetic treatments to a number of our patients, and many of them have said the same thing: “I’m not that vain!” You don’t need to be a looks-obsessed Hollywood celebrity to want to change your smile, though!

Your teeth are one of the first things that people notice when they meet you: they’re smack-dab on your face and show every time you smile. If you hide your teeth, are unconfident in how they look, or let them affect your self esteem people will definitely notice.

It’s not vanity to want to feel comfortable with yourself, is it? We sure don’t think so! A great smile can show the world that you’re confident, self-assured, and happy with who you are. That kind of confidence can truly change your life for the better, so why should you be ashamed to want it?

What We Can Do For You

When you come to our Rochester office for a cosmetic dental consultation we’ll start with a full exam of your oral health. Any preexisting conditions that need to be eliminated before cosmetic treatments begin can be discussed with you and included in your final treatment plan.

Once we have an understanding of your oral health and your goals for your cosmetic treatment you’ll sit down with your dentist and discuss your treatment options. We take pride in offering a wide range of services that can be tailored to meet your unique needs, budget, and treatment goals. We’ll never pressure you into a more expensive treatment that you don’t want – the choice is always up to you.

Once you’ve decided on a treatment plan we’ll get you scheduled to start your journey toward a beautiful new smile that you’ll truly love. Depending on your needs we may include any number of services from our cosmetic offerings.

  • Teeth whitening can remove stains, eliminate dull teeth, and restore the youthful look your smile used to have. No matter what has caused your teeth to discolor we can make them look beautiful again!
  • Veneers are like false nails for your teeth: they are attached to the fronts of your teeth to reshape, resize, and perfect them. They last for years and look completely natural.
  • Gum reshaping can eliminate an overly “gummy smile” that might make you self conscious. In just one visit we can unlock the beautiful teeth hidden behind excess gums and repair gum recession as well!
  • Invisalign can straighten your smile without any visible wires or brackets: it’s truly invisible! In half the time it takes to correct your smile with normal braces you can have a perfect new look without anyone ever knowing!

That’s just some of the most popular cosmetic treatments we offer – the list goes on from there! If you want to find out about all the great cosmetic dentistry we have at Northwest Dental Group and what it can do for you don’t wait another day: call us today at 507-315-2932!

You can also request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!