Don’t Underestimate Tooth Bonding For Your Smile! [BLOG]

Even the tiniest imperfection with your appearance can be enough to mortify you. Your smile is part of that, quite an important one, in fact!

It’s the first thing people see, and if you’re not happy with it, you’re going to find ways to stifle your smile. Consequently, you stifle your personality as well.

Tooth bonding at Northwest Dental Group is an easy fix when you want to look great, feel confident, and be free to let your true self to shine through.

Tooth Bonding Is Quick & Affordable

If you’ve heard of bonding but never looked into it seriously, then you may be surprised to learn that it’s not at all complicated or costly.

Tooth bonding is also a versatile cosmetic solution because it can take care of several imperfections all at once.

Here are common smile flaws that tooth bonding in our Rochester, MN practice can fix:

*Small Gaps*

Even if you have straight teeth, they may not all be in the right position. That can mean you have one or more small gaps between your teeth that make it less appealing.

By making the teeth on both sides of a gap wider, bonding gives the illusion that those teeth have been somehow pulled toward each other through orthodontic treatment.

But the fact that you did it in one trip to the dentist will be our little secret!

*Minor Cracks & Chips*

The material used for tooth bonding actually fills in chips, cracks, and nicks on the surface of your enamel. This gives the tooth added strength and protection.

*Dark, Stained Teeth*

It’s not quite like teeth whitening treatment. Actually, bonding begins by matching the resin material to the color of your other teeth so that it looks natural. This is more appropriate when you have one or two teeth, perhaps, that have become dark and noticeably discolored compared to the rest.

*Oddly-shaped or sized Teeth*

If one tooth is awkwardly-shaped, looks too pointy, or maybe isn’t as long as the others, bonding is a great remedy to help those trouble teeth look more consistent and

Tooth Bonding Is A Simple, Painless Process!

Tooth bonding is surprisingly simple, not to mention painless. Unlike dental veneers, we don’t have to modify your tooth enamel, so it is reversible.

Although, we know you’ll love the results too much to consider that!

Here’s a peek at the two major components of the bonding process:

*First, We Fill & Cover*

A composite resin is the standard material dentists use for the tooth bonding process. We can match it to your teeth’s natural shade so your treated teeth won’t stand out in a negative way.

They’ll stand out for how flawless the look! That’s because we use the resin to fill in the small chips, cracks, and gaps, which covers them up and makes the surface of your teeth level once again.

*Then, We Polish It Off*

Once the resin has dried, it’s time to polish it off and give it that smooth, shiny finish! Because the composite resin is matched to your other teeth, your newly flawless teeth will brighten while blending in naturally.

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Your smile can be as beautiful as you want it to be with a quick, painless, and affordable tooth bonding procedure. All the flaws that make you feel ashamed and insecure can be hidden away so your confidence and bright personality shine through.

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