Do Your Spring Cleaning Plans Include Your Teeth?

When the seasons change and we finally start seeing some warmer weather the first thing we all want to do is throw open the windows, let fresh air into the house, and start thinking about our spring cleaning schedule. There are a lot of things to do as the winter winds down, and we want to add one to your list: don’t forget to think about your teeth too!

At Northwest Dental Group we are always going on about the importance of preventive dental care, and with good reason. Seeing us twice a year is a sure-fire way to prevent your teeth from ending up just as messy as that one back room of your house (you know the one).

Why Six Month Cleanings Are So Important

Your teeth are resilient, but they aren’t tough enough to fight off the acids that are constantly attacking them. Oral bacteria is always fighting to erode your enamel, infect your gums, and cause serious damage. That’s why it’s so essential to keep it at bay!

Oral bacteria exists on your teeth in the form of plaque: that sticky white stuff that builds up during the day and overnight. Of the over 300 strains of bacteria in your mouth there are quite a few that attack your teeth whenever you eat foods with sugar in them. They metabolize it into acid that erodes your teeth, eventually forming cavities that just keep going deeper and deeper into your teeth.

That same bacteria also likes to end up beneath your gumline, where it causes infections that begin the slow, destructive process of gum disease. As time goes on you’ll notice red, inflamed gums that bleed easily and eventually suffer from recession. Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss in the world – it isn’t something to be taken lightly!

It might seem like you could manage these problems by brushing and flossing properly, but that simply isn’t the case. Oral bacteria has evolved to seek out the tiniest, most isolated, and hardest to reach spots in your mouth. There it sits, avoiding your oral hygiene habits, slowly causing problems that can turn serious without you even realizing.

Cavities and gum disease both develop slowly, which is why we like to see our patients every six months. A thorough exam along with a cleaning at our Rochester office is just what you need to identify, treat, and prevent the very problems we’re talking about.

How We Fight Oral Health Problems

When you come to see us for a cleaning and exam we use every tool in our arsenal to seek out and destroy bacteria. We’re able to see all the spots that you can’t, and we’re able to use specialized tools to get into those spots and clean them out.

We use digital X-rays allow us to get a clear, precise picture of your mouth with less radiation than conventional film X-rays. We’ll be able to spot the smallest indicators of decay and gum disease, allowing us to target trouble areas for extra attention. Because we can spot cavities earlier we can treat them faster, more easily, and with much greater success.

Your cleaning is designed to go deeper into your teeth than anything you can do at home. There are always spots in your mouth you won’t be able to reach, which is exactly why we do what we do! We’ll make sure that any trouble areas are cleaned, protected, and treated to keep them healthy between exams.

We also use a variety of preventive treatments to stop decay and gum disease before it even begins. These treatments can make all the difference when it comes to fighting off gum disease and tooth decay.

  • Fluoride treatments actually rebuild enamel lost to plaque acids. When we treat you with fluoride we’re helping your teeth remineralize, which actually restores the enamel stronger than it was before!
  • Dental sealants are used on the chewing surfaces of your molars and premolars. Those deep grooves you have in your teeth are prime targets for decay, so we’ll simply fill them with a tooth-colored material that prevents bacteria from getting in at all!
  • We also include nutritional and oral care counseling as part of our exams. Believe it or not, we can determine a lot about your daily brushing and flossing habits at a regular appointment, and we want to help you get the most out of them!

Six Month Care: It’s The Ideal Window

Whether you’re just ready to schedule your next appointment or you haven’t been to see the dentist in a while we’re ready to help! We’ll never judge, criticize or lecture you for not having seen the dentist – we’re just happy you’re back!

Give our Rochester office a call today at 507-216-6252, or request an appointment right here online. We’ll see you soon!