Dental Sedation Can Ease Your Nerves & More

If you or someone you know is afraid of seeing the dentist, you may be aware that there are various medications that can be administered to help calm a patient and relieve dental anxiety. But if you’d like to learn about some of the many other reasons why a dentist might use dental sedation, call Northwest Dental Group at 507-216-6252 to speak with us!

So you can spend less time driving across town, we have two dentist offices in Rochester, MN. Regardless of which you visit, you will be greeted by a friendly team that will do everything we can to help you relax and feel comfortable when you are in our care. With our help, you may just be able to:

  • Improve the health of your teeth and gums so your smile will look great and stay healthy for years to come
  • Feel more empowered and in charge when you are at the dentist
  • Make your smile even more beautiful than it already is, boosting your self-esteem in the process

We offer a broad variety of payment options, including financing through our own in-house program. We also provide discounts on service when you pay-in-full with a check or cash on the day you receive service. Hopefully, that should help dispel any financial concerns you may be having.

So you don’t have to use a half day at work or screw up your schedule, we offer some morning and evening hours, including appointments:

  • As early as 7:00 a.m. Monday through Friday
  • As late as 6:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday

We also offer some Saturday appointment times at our location at 1615 14th Street NW, Rochester, MN 55901.

Learn The Situations That Dental Sedation Can Help

If you do deal with dental sedation, we want you to know that you are not alone. In fact, it’s been estimated that as many as one in five Americans experience dental anxiety for some reason or another.

That’s a lot of people! But because there are other populations of people that could benefit from sedation for reasons completely unrelated to dental anxiety, that number is actually even bigger!

One way sedation at the dentist could be helpful for you is if you want to get your treatments taken care of as quickly as possible. That’s because we can actually move much more quickly if a patient is lightly sedated. You won’t be unconscious, so you’ll still be able to communicate with us as we quickly take care of your dental needs.

Because we can work more quickly when a patient is sedated, this option is also useful for people who need multiple and/or extensive treatments done. For example, if you need a full-mouth reconstruction, we may be able to complete the majority or even all of your procedure in a single visit so you won’t have to return multiple times to get your smile back.

Patients who gag easily could also benefit from the sedation options our dentists can provide. You won’t feel uncomfortable and queasy while we are working inside of your mouth making your smile more beautiful.

Finally, our sedation options may be helpful for anyone with special needs. If you or someone in your family fits this description, you probably know that doctor visits can be intimidating because a stranger is performing actions that may not be fully understood. But with some light sedation, the patient will be able to relax while we work!

Because every patient is unique and may desire a specific level of relaxation, we offer a few forms of dental sedatives, including:

  • Nitrous oxide, more commonly known as “laughing gas,”  which is inhaled through a small mask and produces a calming effect almost immediately. This option is so mild it is safe for children.
  • Pre-op sedative, which we’ll administer in the form of a pill that you’ll take right before your procedure to help settle your nerves.
  • Oral sedation in pill form, which is slightly stronger than the pre-op sedative. We’ll provide a prescription for it during an initial visit so you can take the pill before you arrive and feel completely relaxed when you get here.

We also have a variety of other comfort options to improve your experience with us!

Get faster, more comfortable care by taking advantage of dental sedation options at Northwest Dental Group. Call 507-216-6252, visit one of our Rochester, MN dentist offices in person when we’re open, or use our handy online form to schedule or submit a question anytime!