Could Your Dentures Be Making You Sick?

Your dentures are a life partner that allow you to do a lot of things that tooth loss gets in the way of. You can eat, smile with friends and family, and carry on conversations with loved ones that would have been embarrassing before.

We’re proud to offer great looking dentures for our patients at Northwest Dental Group but there’s something else we wanted to talk about today: potential dangers lurking in your dentures! For all the good that your dentures do they could be working against you and even causing serious illness! These conditions are easy to prevent but you have to know the risks first!

Denture Illnesses: What’s The Risk?

Your dentures, just like your mouth and your natural teeth, are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Your mouth typically supports over 300 species of bacteria, some of which cause oral health complications like gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss.

Those oral bacteria won’t typically cause illnesses elsewhere in your body but there is something that your dentures do that natural teeth don’t: they spend a lot of time outside your body! Bacteria present in the world is a risk for your oral health, particularly two species which have been found on over 60 percent of dentures tested: pneumonia and MRSA, a potentially deadly respiratory staph infection!

What do both of those conditions have in common? They affect your lungs! Denture patients have a high chance of inhaling respiratory bacteria that is picked up from the environment with potentially deadly results! If you are an older patient or have a compromised immune system your dentures could do you serious harm!

Preventing Denture Diseases

The most important part of preventing denture related illnesses is by keeping your dentures clean. If you’ve become relaxed about your denture hygiene here are some things you can do to get into a good routine.

  • Always rinse your dentures after you eat. If you have a chance rinse your mouth out as well. This helps flush away oral bacteria that can cause irritation.
  • Never set your dentures directly on a countertop or other surface. Use paper towel, toilet paper, or another clean cloth – surfaces, especially in public places, are crawling with germs!
  • In the evening be sure to brush your dentures with a denture brush and specialized denture toothpaste. Both are designed to clean your dentures better than a regular brush or paste and will go a long way to bettering your oral health.
  • Soak your dentures overnight in a denture soaking solution. These are better than water because they help sterilize and clean your dentures overnight.
  • Never wear your dentures to bed! This is one of the most dangerous times for you to inhale bacteria that is on your dentures, especially if you breath through your mouth when you sleep!
  • Always rinse your dentures when you get up – don’t put them in with the denture soak still on them.

Upgrade Your Dentures

If you’re tired of living with the risks of denture illnesses or just the hassles of dentures altogether we can help! We offer a wide variety of dental implant solutions that can replace single missing teeth all the way to a full mouthful! We can modify your existing dentures to stay in place better or we can give you a permanent set of teeth that you’ll never have to take out – imagine living with a set of teeth that are just like the real thing!

Dental implants are an investment in your future, and one that’s sure to satisfy you! They look real, feel real, and are anchored to your bone just like natural teeth. Even better, we can have you in a set of fixed teeth in just one appointment – imagine coming in today and leaving with teeth that STAY in your mouth!

Don’t Neglect Your Smile

Whether you want to keep your dentures or you’d prefer to upgrade to permanent beautiful teeth there’s still the need for regular oral care that checks the health of your dentures, gums, and mouth. If you haven’t seen us at Northwest Dental Group in a while there’s no better time than now!

To make an appointment at our Rochester dentist office call us today at 507-216-6252 or request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!