Could Dental Implants Prolong Your Life?

Do you know how many people lose teeth as they age? Around 60 percent! While that number is decreasing as technology and regular dental care improves it’s still quite high. Patients who end up with missing teeth don’t just face a missing smile: they also face several missing years in their lifespan as well!

At Northwest Dental Group we’re driven to eliminate tooth loss and the health problems that come along with it. While many patients can have tooth loss prevented through good proactive care it’s the patients who are missing teeth that are our biggest concern!

Tooth Loss And Lifespan: How Are They Connected?

There are a couple different ways in which tooth loss has a direct negative impact on your life expectancy. The first one begins before your first tooth is even lost: gum disease. The biggest cause of tooth loss, gum disease affects the smiles of around 70 percent of people. Stopping it early is essential to preventing tooth loss and the health effects that come with it.

There’s another reason that gum disease is terrifying, and it isn’t just due to tooth loss: it has serious effects on your bodily health. The persistent inflammation associated with gum disease causes arthritis, increased risk of heart disease, and even problems related to bacteria circulating through your bloodstream.

All of those dangerous side effects can reduce your life expectancy, as can the tooth loss associated with gum disease. Once you start losing teeth there’s one major problem that can compound over time to cause serious illness: malnutrition.

Studies have shown that it isn’t just people with unresolved tooth loss who have nutrition problems – it’s denture wearers too. The problem is simply due to not being able to eat food with missing or false teeth – it becomes a chore to chew and swallow even the simplest foods!

Many patients who wear dentures get a double whammy of eating problems. Not only do they suffer from an inability to eat many of their favorite foods – they also can’t taste the foods they can eat! This makes a lot of patients really unhappy with eating, leading to even worse malnutrition problems.

Over time the limited diet, lack of ability to taste, and dissatisfaction with dentures leads not only to nutrition issues, but also to depression, chronic fatigue, and other health problems. The bottom line: missing teeth are horrible to deal with!

How We Can Help

Tooth loss is a serious problem that can have a major affect on your health, but it doesn’t have to continue. At our Rochester office we use dental implants to restore missing teeth. Whether you’re suffering from a couple missing teeth or are sick of living with dentures we can solve the problem and have you eating with ease in no time at all!

Dental implants are small titanium screws that are designed to fit perfectly into the spaces left behind by missing teeth. They mimic the look, function, and reliability of missing teeth and are able to restore just about all of the missing function that went along with your smile.

Even a single dental implant can prevent a domino effect of tooth loss that leads to malnutrition and other health problems. Teeth can fall out one after another due to continued bone loss, all of which can be stopped by an implant. Titanium does an amazing job at integrating with your bone, allowing an implant to stop bone loss, save your remaining teeth, and prevent the health disasters that come with tooth loss.

If you’re suffering from gum disease then we’ll need to treat that before we start implant placement. Treating gum disease is essential to preventing more and more tooth loss after implant placement. Getting it under control and repairing any damage done is the first step. Once it’s cleared up your overall health can even return to normal.

Don’t Risk Your Life To Tooth Loss

Preventive care is essential in saving your smile, just like restoring missing teeth is. If you’re concerned about your missing teeth, tired of your dentures, or are worried about the health effects of gum disease don’t hesitate to contact us!

You can reach our Rochester office by calling 507-216-6252 or you can request an appointment now right here online. We look forward to seeing you soon!