6 Signs That You’re Ready For Cosmetic Dentistry [BLOG]

Greetings, from Dr. Post and our team at Northwest Dental Group!

We’ve been devoting a lot of time in our blog this month to cosmetic dentistry at our Rochester, MN practice, and we wanted to continue the trend as wrap up July.

It’s never a bad time to love your smile, so today is all about how to know when it might be the right time for you to get started with a cosmetic consultation.

6 Signs That You’re Ready For Cosmetic Dentistry!

At Northwest Dental Group, we know making the choice to get cosmetic dentistry is not always an easy decision for patients.

It’s tough to give yourself permission to invest in your appearance, but it’s more than worth it, as our experienced team can tell you!

In case you’re unsure about whether it’s the right time for you to get cosmetic dentistry, here are six signs that may be pointing you in that direction!

*Your Teeth Are Yellow Instead Of White*

It’s highly unlikely that you wake up one day in your mid-twenties and look in the mirror, only to be horrified at your sudden, dingy smile. It’s more the kind of cosmetic problem that manifests very slowly over the years as the number of those daily cups of coffee or tea adds up.

So if you’re at an age where you start to notice your smile just doesn’t have that same glow it once did, it may be time for teeth whitening treatment.

You don’t have to break the bank to lighten your teeth a few shades, either. Teeth whitening is an easy, affordable solution when you’re ready to brighten things up a bit and feel an extra boost in your self-confidence!

*You Have Teeth Stains That Run Deep*

Sometimes the color of your teeth can change for reasons other than dark food and drinks you consume. It’s actually common for age to play a part in the darkening of your smile.

If your teeth stains run a bit too deep for teeth whitening treatment, you can explore other cosmetic dental treatments that will cover the discoloration rather than attempt to remove it. Veneers are a great solution! They not only hide stains, but they resist them! Veneers also conceal a wide range of teeth imperfections and can dramatically transform your smile!

*Stains Aren’t The Only Problem With Your Teeth*

If you use something long enough, it’s going to lose its luster and show signs of wear and tear.

Now, knowing that, think about how much you’ve used your teeth?

It’s understandable that after a certain number of years, you might have some damage to your tooth enamel. Chips, cracks, and rough or worn edges can all make your smile less attractive, and even unhealthy in some cases, which makes cosmetic dentistry a smart choice!

Not only will you feel good about your smile after treatment like tooth bonding or dental veneers, you can recapture the vibrant, pristine smile of your youth!

*Your Teeth Have Become… Distant*

Just because you had braces when you were young doesn’t mean all your teeth stayed perfectly straight in the years since.

Your teeth don’t fully stop moving, which means you may have a few teeth that have created some distance between themselves or teeth that have begun to shift in the wrong direction.

Orthodontic treatment is easier and faster than ever, especially thanks to options like Invisalign that uses removable, clear aligners to put your teeth back where they belong!

*You Have More To Spend On Yourself*

Maybe you’ve reached the point where you’re no longer throwing money in every direction to pay for lunch money, field trips, sports equipment, braces, college tuition, or weddings for all your kids, and now you finally have some money to spend on yourself.

That would make it the perfect time to explore your cosmetic dentistry options! There are some instances where you can rely on insurance to cover dental treatment that may serve a restorative and cosmetic purpose in one, but generally speaking, cosmetic dentistry is the patient’s financial responsibility.

And if you’re financially secure, you have to ask yourself, don’t you deserve to feel great about how your smile looks?

*You’re Finding It Harder To Avoid The Camera*

Are you finding it harder and harder to dodge the camera these days?

Do you find yourself increasingly irritated at the speed and ease with which people can snap your photo and share it with the world on social media?

If so, it could be because you’re insecure about your smile.

Or maybe you’re being asked to gather around and smile for the camera so often because you’ve reached a point where you have so many things to celebrate!

Whether it’s a child or grandchild’s graduation, your class reunion, or you’re receiving an influx of invitations to honor special occasions because of all the dear friends you’ve accumulated by now, it could mean that you should do something about the smile flaws that steal your joy at times like these!

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Actually, you really only need one sign to know when it’s time for cosmetic dentistry, and that’s how you feel when you look at your smile in the mirror.

If you’re not happy with what you see, that’s all the reason you need to pursue the cosmetic treatment it’s going to take to change it.

You come and see Dr. Post and our team in Rochester, MN, tell us what you don’t like about your teeth, and we’ll help you find the best solution for your smile!

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