6 Reasons Why Dental Sedation Is For You

Most people know about dental sedation. There’s much more than just going to sleep, mind you. In fact, sedation dentistry can help with many problems. Here are six reasons why dental sedation might work for you.

1. You had a bad experience at a dental office when you were a child. When we pair one experience with another, it’s a form of training. It’s like how a cat can hear the sound of a can being opened and immediately runs in to get dinner. It paired the sound with food. Even if it repeatedly runs into the kitchen only to find you opening a can of soup, it will still pair the two. Humans do that as well, especially in our childhood. That’s when we’re making all kinds of assumptions about the world.

If you went to some dentist as a child and had a bad experience, there’s a good chance you don’t look favorably on dentistry as a whole. The thought of just going for a dental cleaning and dental exam might be so bad that you’d rather skip them. You might know that’s a bad idea, but it can feel better than going thanks to those old memories.

Sedation dentistry is made for that kind of situation. The only way to get past the anxiety is to have several positive experiences. In other words, you pair our Rochester, MN dental office with a positive experience. Our dental sedation will take away your concerns and induce a deeply relaxed feeling. Your treatments will be just fine. Before too long, you can start seeing dental visits as the good thing they are.

2. You don’t like sitting for a long time. Some people are very active. The idea of sitting at a desk all day long is horrible. Maybe you’re just used to being active during the day, or maybe your back sometimes bothers you when sitting back for too long. Either way, you might be worried about spending so much time in the dentist’s chair. Some dental treatments do take a while, so this concern is legitimate.

When you take advantage of our sedation dentistry, sitting in the chair for that long is a snap. It will be more relaxing because you aren’t tense or worried. Plus, you simply won’t mind resting like that.

3. You have special needs, and dentistry can be difficult. At our Rochester, MN dental office, we really are a family dental practice. That means your whole family can come here so we can help them have healthy smiles with our legendary service. If one of your family has special needs, dental sedation such as nitrous oxide, oral medication, and IV sedation can help a lot. Whether there might be problems with feeling safe or controlling body movements, sedation can help. However, you will need to tell Dr. Post about any prescriptions beforehand to make sure there won’t be any complications.

4. You hate the feeling of not being in control. When you’re responsible for a business or a family, you have to make tons of decisions. Do that for long enough, and you get used to being in control to some degree. It’s just something you’re used to, so you’re comfortable with it. That can mean you could be uncomfortable with not being in control. That’s how some people feel at the dentist’ office. After all, you’re lying back in a chair trying to stay still while our dental team works on your teeth. You can’t even see what they’re doing sometimes.

Nitrous oxide and oral medication are great sedation tools to help with this. If you’re worried about being out of control like that, sedation dentistry will get rid of those worries. You’ll be able to sit back and really relax.

5. Your gag reflex is very sensitive. It may seem obvious, but dentistry involves a lot of work in your mouth. Fillings, dental crowns, Invisalign, and more all need special dental tools that go into your mouth. For most people, it’s not a problem. It has to be done, and the end results are worth it. But some people are born with a very sensitive gag reflex. Just trying to measure your teeth for Invisalign clear aligners could trigger that reflex.

That gag reflex is calmed down by dental sedation. If you are worried you’ll start gagging, sedation dentistry will remove both the worry and the sensitive reflex.

6. You have a natural resistance to anesthetic. The team at our Rochester, MN dental office uses local anesthesia whenever appropriate. It can help make fillings, dental crowns, root canals, and more be either just mildly uncomfortable or even virtually painless. However, some people are born with a natural resistance to it. It’s a genetic trait, which is why many redheads are partially resistant to anesthesia.

Knowing that could be very worrying. If this is you, sedation dentistry can help. While sedation technically doesn’t block pain like anesthesia, it will help reduce your reaction to it. You’ll be relaxed and not tense, which can help you get through it all.

If you have any questions about how sedation dentistry can help your family, call us today at 507-216-6252.