4 Root Canal Facts You Need To Know

There’s probably not a single dental procedure more loathed and feared than the root canal. It has a reputation for being painful, unnecessary, and dangerous – all of which it just doesn’t deserve. You’ve probably heard a lot of bad things about root canals, but you need to know how essential this tooth-saving procedure really is.

We’ve performed a lot of root canals over the years at Northwest Dental Group, and there’s always one thing we can say for sure: our patients are surprised at how easy they are once their appointment is over. Some even express disbelief that we did a traditional root canal, but there’s only one way to do it!

When you’re in need of a root canal you can’t afford to avoid care because you’re unsure about the procedure. If you’re in pain and need a root canal you truly need one! These five facts are just a few of the important reasons why root canals are so essential.

#1: They Prevent The Spread Of Infection

When you need a root canal it’s because you have a cavity that has made its way to the center of a tooth. The center, called the root, is filled with soft tissue called dental pulp. When bacteria hits the dental pulp it quickly infects it, causing a lot of pain. Without treatment the infection can move beyond the dental pulp and into your bone and gums. Sometimes the infection can go even further and spread throughout your body.

When the immediate area near the tooth becomes infected it can turn into an abscess, and those are no joke. An abscess can eventually cause the destruction of bone and gum tissue, leading to permanent damage to your mouth, tooth loss, and even facial damage. Root canals go straight to the source to prevent that from ever occurring!

#2: They Save Your Teeth – All Of Them!

Without a root canal an infected tooth will eventually be lost, either to excessive decay or extraction. A root canal removes all the infected pulp and seals the tooth off so that it stays healthy and is left in place. We never want to pull a tooth when we don’t have to – the results are dangerous.

A single tooth starts a chain reaction that can lead to the loss of more and more teeth over time. The bone that held a lost tooth is slowly reabsorbed into the body, and that includes the bone that your lost tooth shared with its neighbors! The remaining teeth begin to lose support and loosen, causing them to shift and eventually lose their alignment. These teeth will continue to shift, eventually falling out due to lack of support – all of which could be avoided with a root canal!

#3: They Are Perfectly Safe

You may have heard that root canals were dangerous because there was a chance of reinfection. This isn’t true at all, and is actually based on a widely discredited theory from the early 20th century. The idea was that the part of your body infected (a tooth, in this case) was the cause of the infection, and leaving it in place would just results in it happening again.

We now know this is completely false – root canals are safe, and our completely sterilize your tooth before sealing it up! You’ll never have to worry about pain or infection in that tooth again.

#4: They Don’t Hurt – Honest!

We’ve all heard that rumor: that they’re the worst thing in the world. The reason for that may be twofold: first, patients often confuse the pain they felt prior to the root canal with the procedure itself – the past gets blurry! Second, dentistry even a generation ago was much less concerned with patient comfort than we are now. We would never perform a root canal without anesthesia!

The truth about root canals is that they relieve pain. You’re suffering from a serious infection that needs to be removed, and a root canal does it quickly and easily. Many patients remark that they actually feel better as soon as the anesthesia wears off!

Root Canals Help!

If you are experiencing a toothache of any kind don’t wait for your situation to get worse. You might feel better quickly with a root canal! Any kind of dental pain should be reported to our Rochester dentist office right away!

Make an appointment by calling us at 507-216-6252 or filling out our online form. We look forward to helping you!