3 Different Ways To Fix A Chipped Tooth [BLOG]

A chipped tooth can be problematic for your smile’s appearance, for functionality, and for comfort. So today, our team at Northwest Dental Group wants to take a look at three possible reasons you might find yourself with a chipped tooth someday, and three restorative and cosmetic dental treatments in our Rochester, MN practice to help your smile bounce back!

3 Different Ways To Chip A Tooth

There are endless ways you can damage your teeth, but here are just three common mishaps that can easily result in a chipped tooth:

*You Bit Down On Something Hard*

Chewing on a pencil, crunching on ice cubes, or even something as innocent as eating popcorn and biting down on a kernel are all ways you can chip a tooth.

You can lessen the chances of doing that by avoiding bad habits with your teeth, but as far as eating, chipping a tooth can really happen to anyone.

*You Were Injured In An Accident*

When you’re in motion, accidents can happen. So if you’re riding a bike or in a car, you can suffer a dental injury like a chipped tooth through the force of impact during a fall or wreck.

*Your Teeth Weren’t Protected*

Custom mouthguards can protect your teeth and gums against harm while playing an intense contact sport, as well as during the night if you grind your teeth while sleeping.

Although one activity is voluntary, the other isn’t, but both are risky behaviors for your teeth and require the right kind of protection to help you prevent dental damage.

3 Different Ways To Fix A Chipped Tooth!

Here are three different ways we can fix your chipped tooth that will not only seal the damage but preserve and protect your healthy smile:

*Fill It With Tooth Bonding*

Simple but effective, tooth bonding can fill in the chip with a matching resin. After that, we shape and polish the surface so it’s smooth and unblemished once again!

*Strengthen It With A Dental Crown*

Of its many purposes, a dental crown can be used to strengthen a tooth once it’s been compromised, whether by decay, disease, or in this case, damage. It’s specifically made to fit over the chipped tooth and shield against opportunistic bacteria and future dents and dings, looking perfectly natural amongst your surrounding teeth.

*Conceal & Protect It With A Dental Veneer*

If you’ve chipped a tooth that’s right in front for all to see, it’s more than just an oral health concern. It’s also cosmetic, in which case a dental veneer may be a viable solution. It can conceal the damage, as well as protect the tooth over a long period of time.

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Pain is possible when you chip a tooth, but it’s not a guarantee. While not being in pain is certainly a good thing, it could tempt you to put off fixing it assuming that it’s the kind of problem that can wait.

Don’t take that risk with your smile or your oral health!

Let us help restore your chipped tooth and preserve the function and appearance of your smile!

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