Snoring & Sleep Apnea Solutions

Our Rochester, MN dentists don’t just do dental exams and dentures! We can improve your life in ways you might not expect from your family dentist. For instance, we may be able to help you with snoring and sleep apnea issues.

If you rarely get a restful night’s sleep and your family complains about your loud snoring, you may have sleep apnea. If you do, a custom oral appliance may solve the problem so you can once again get a good night’s sleep!

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What are the causes of Sleep Apnea?

We will perform a screening to help determine if you have sleep apnea. We can also connect you with the Mayo Clinic or other area physicians if you prefer to take a full-fledged sleep test.

Here are some common sleep apnea symptoms:

  • You feel tired, even after a full night’s sleep
  • You wake up with a sore, dry throat
  • You wake frequently during the night
  • You often gasp for breath while sleeping
  • Your snoring is loud and frequent

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition in which you experience frequent pauses in your breathing as you sleep. It is often caused by an airway that collapses or becomes blocked. It is nearly impossible to get a restful night’s sleep if you have sleep apnea!

How We Treat Sleep Apnea

Many sleep apnea patients try a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine, which delivers air pressure through a hose and face mask to keep your airway clear. But CPAPs do not always work well – in part because many people find them uncomfortable to wear and end up sleeping without them.

Our Rochester, MN dentists can fit you for a custom oral appliance from respected brand SomnoDent or ResMed. According to SomnoDent, 91 percent of patients report their sleep quality approves when wearing an appliance. The appliance gently moves your jaw forward, keeping your airway open.

Advantages of a custom appliance include:

  • Fit. Because our dentists take impressions of your teeth that are used for the appliance, it will fit you perfectly.
  • Comfort. You can drink, take oral medication, and speak clearly while wearing your appliance.
  • Durability. Unlike the CPAP, there are no moving parts. Your appliance should last for years!

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