Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN

Northwest Dental Group specializes in family dentistry in Rochester, MN and welcomes you to bring the entire crew, from your baby to the baby boomers in your family. We love treating families, and it is our mission to ensure that you and your family enjoy your time in our office.

Our Comprehensive Family Dentistry Services

We understand how busy life can be, and it can be difficult to take your child to one appointment here, drive your parents to another appointment over there, and then go somewhere else yourself. Northwest Dental Group wants to eliminate the time struggle and driving all over town, and that is why we care for everyone right here under one roof. Depending on your stage in life, we offer the following treatments and services:

  • Dental exams with digital X-rays
  • Dental cleanings
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Cavity detection
  • Fluoride treatments and fluoride varnish
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Root canals
  • Fillings
  • Implants
  • Sleep Appliances
  • Crowns
Dental Appointments for the Elderly


The reason I became a family dentist is because kids are more on my IQ level. It’s something that from the moment I was a little girl, I loved being with kids. You know today I saw a one year old and I will see a woman by the end of the day who is 100. What’s nice for me is I have several families where I see three to four generations within the family. I get to go to weddings and I get to be part of their family and at the end of the day, it needs to be about more than just teeth. Right now with my kids, I have three kids age 8, 6 and a 4 year old, and so I get what the parents are going through, I’ve seen a lot of the tricks, I know a lot of the tricks that I will steal from other parents; if you are having trouble getting that two year old to brush their teeth, I probably can teach you how to do it and then I can teach my patients about the mistakes that I’ve made and how to help them with things like that.

When you were growing up, you probably did not receive the fluoride you needed because the mineral didn’t exist in your city’s community water source, or it wasn’t in your toothpaste. Fluoride strengthens your enamel and prevents it from eroding and decaying. As you age, the enamel on your teeth naturally begins to wear down, so without the fluoride, this process happens more quickly and easily. That is where Northwest Dental Group comes into play. We provide the quality family dentistry services you need to repair and prevent problems. We work to find the solutions you need to maintain a beautiful smile – no matter your age.

Dental Appointments for Children


I feel like it is really important, I like to start seeing kids at the age of one. That way, I just saw a patient and she is 8 and I’ve seen her since she was one and she’s like “oh Dr. Post” and she runs and jumps up. She knows how to sit in the chair, she knows that she’s going to get a Golds Bloom and to be able to buy a prize before she leaves. She knows she gets to pick whatever tv channel she wants and she doesn’t have any cavities. Unfortunately what I see is when the school calls me and I have the kid who comes in sick and his tooth is abscessed, his face is swollen and he has missed a week of school and his first experience with the dentist is me taking that tooth out and I can do everything possible but for the rest of his life, he is going to remember that abscessed tooth and so I want to see them when they are young so I can create these experiences. I’ve even had a kid who was skateboarding and hit the freezer and broke his front tooth out and he was excited; but his mom was upset; because he got to come get a prize at the dentist. He felt safe with me, he felt comfortable here and he knew what to expect and so fixing it was no big deal, that was easy and that’s part of life. You are going to have to get your teeth fixed at some point. If you feel safe and confident and you know and if we have that established, hopefully we can do some preventative things to ever prevent that abscess but if you ever do need dental work, you feel safe and comfortable with that.

We see children as early as a year old, after their first tooth has come in. We can see them from their very first dental appointment and throughout all of their dental care going forward. We believe that it is important to start a good relationship with the dentist when your child is young to ensure healthy, strong teeth for life.

When your child comes in for an appointment, we will use stuffed animals to provide your child with the help he or she needs to learn how to brush teeth properly. We always have a cartoon station playing on the television, and your child can relax in waiting room with fun activities and games until their appointment time. Our play area has a large mural on the wall that encourages creativity as well.

When you bring your child in for an appointment, we encourage you to come back into the room with your child. Your son or daughter will feel more comfortable with you by their side.

Schedule Your Family’s Appointment Now

If you are ready to schedule an appointment for the entire family, call our office at 507-216-6252. We look forward to providing you with the family dentistry  care you need to have a beautiful smile.

If you are unable to call our office, we welcome you to fill out our convenient appointment form, and one of our friendly team members will call you soon. Be sure to let us know if you would all like to be seen on the same day, and we’ll accommodate you as best as possible.