Athletic Mouthguards

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Why a Custom Mouthguard Is Best

Sure, you can buy a boil-and-bite mouthguard at the drugstore. But it won’t give you the same level of protection as the custom athletic mouthguards from Northwest Dental Group.

Here are some reasons why a custom athletic mouthguards are best for you or your family member:

  • Better fit. Because our Rochester, MN dentists take impressions of your mouth that are used to create the custom mouthguard, it will fit much better than a mouthguard purchased from a store. And if it fits well, you’ll be more likely to wear it!
  • More durable. Custom mouthguards are made from a more heavy-duty plastic than store-bought mouthguards, so they’ll last longer and withstand more abuse.
  • Customized for your sport. In addition to a more precise fit, our trusted Rochester, MN dentists can ensure your mouthguard has the appropriate level of cushioning and the right design for the sport you play. You may even be able to get atheletic mouthguards in your team colors!

Do you worry about your family’s teeth, given their athletic activities? Family members could get hit with an elbow or a stray ball any time they take the field. You’ll feel better if they wear a mouthguard every time they play.

According to the San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, athletes are 60 times more likely to suffer damage to their teeth when they do not wear a mouthguard.

Custom athletic mouthguards from Northwest Dental Group will give you peace of mind! We’ll fit your athlete for a mouthguard in our Rochester, MN dentists office. Simply contact us today.

Our Custom Mouthguard Offer

Dr. Katie Post coaches children’s basketball and soccer teams and her own children play sports, so she understands the importance of athletic mouthguards. If you worry about your slugger’s teeth, let our Rochester, MN dentists fit them for a custom mouthguard. Call Northwest Dental Group at 507-315-2932 for an appointment. Or use our handy online form.