Dental Assistance Savings Plan

Dr. Post Explains DASP At Northwest Dental Group, we never want finances, or lack of them, to prevent your family from getting their needed dental services.

We accept various payment options in our Rochester, MN dentist office, including checks and major credit cards.

We also offer a new option, the Dental Assistance Savings Plan. It can help you budget for your family’s regular dental care by paying a predictable monthly fee that covers services like dental exams and cleanings. You will also receive discounted rates on other services.

To find out more about the Dental Assistance Savings Plan, call Northwest Dental Group at  507-315-2932.

How the Dental Assistance Savings Plan Works

Unlike dental insurance, with the Dental Assistance Savings Plan (DASP) you’ll have no hassles over pre-authorization, deductibles, annual coverage limits, waiting periods, or other coverage limitations.

The Dental Assistance Savings Plan is not an insurance plan, but it will significantly reduce the fees you pay for your family’s dental services. For additional savings power, it can be used in conjunction with health savings accounts (HSAs), flex spending accounts (FSAs), or health reimbursement accounts (HRAs).

Dental Assistance Savings Plan Options

You can sign up for a Dental Assistance Savings Plan for every member of your family or just for a single person. Similar to insurance, you have the flexibility to select a plan that best suits your needs.

You pay a monthly fee for each person on the DASP. In return, you get some free services, such as dental exams, X-rays, teeth cleanings, and fluoride treatments. You also get discounts on regular and specialized dental services.

Our capable front desk staff can review all of the DASP options with you, as well as the program’s specific requirements.

Call Northwest Dental Group at 507-315-2932 to find out if a Dental Assistance Savings Plan is right for your family. Or use our online form to make an appointment at either of our Rochester, MN locations.