Dental Sedation Options

Dr. Post on Sedation Options Everyone’s dental anxiety is different. That’s why the capable team at Northwest Dental Group has so many different ways of helping our patients overcome it. Our calm office atmosphere and comfort options like blankets may be enough to relax some folks. But others need more to ease their tension.

If your dental anxiety is closer to full-blown fear, our Rochester, MN dentists can use dental sedation during your procedures. We offer multiple forms of sedation so you can choose one that works best for you!

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Our Dental Sedation Options 

Our dental sedation options range from “laughing gas” that can be used even with children to methods that leave you completely unaware of your surroundings. Our experienced staff safely administers the method of your choice, and you are closely monitored throughout your procedure.

We will discuss each method with you to ensure you make an informed decision. And we’ll give you thorough instructions on how the dental sedation process works. With some methods, for example, you will need to arrange for a ride home as you’ll be unable to drive.

  • Inhaled sedation. Administered through a small mask, this gas gives you a feeling of mild euphoria. The mildest form of sedation, it is safe even for kids.
  • Pre-op sedative. You will be given a pill in our Rochester, MN dentist office right before your procedure to relax you.
  • Oral sedation. This yields a similar, but stronger, relaxant effect than a pre-op sedative. You will take the pill at home before coming to our office for your appointment.

At Northwest Dental Group, we’ve got a form of dental sedation that will work for you! Call 507-315-2932 to make an appointment at either of our Rochester, MN locations. Or use our handy online form.