Two different stories about a child’s new dental adventure!

First, you’ll read about Olivia and her first visit to the dentist office, and then you’ll learn about Ethan’s experience getting a tooth pulled. We plan to use these books as tools to educate kids, roughly from ages one to six, about keeping their teeth and gums healthy, visiting the dentist office for a variety of reasons, as well as catering some stories to kids with anxiety and special needs.

Olivia Goes to the Dentist

Olivia is just like your little one! She is a little bit nervous and a whole lot of curious about what will happen during her first visit to the dentist’s office. Follow along as she finds answers to all her questions!

Help your child feel confident about their first dental appointment by checking out this book! We can’t wait to hear how you enjoyed reading it together.

What to Expect When Ethan Gets His Teeth Pulled

Ethan has to have some teeth pulled, and he is worried. What will it be like? Will it hurt? Follow his journey to the dentist office, and learn how comfortable a tooth extraction can be!
Read this book with your child to help answer their questions about this type of appointment. You’ll both feel more confident when you know exactly what to expect.


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