Why Would Anyone Need A Tooth Removed?

Having teeth extracted or removed is not something to take lightly. At Northwest Dental Group, our team only performs a tooth extraction when absolutely necessary. Thankfully, our dentists are experienced in this procedure, so you can get a tooth extracted safely and for the right reasons.

What are the right reasons? That depends on what you need.

– You have wisdom teeth coming in and creating problems: Not all of your permanent teeth come in when your baby teeth come out. Your third molars (also called wisdom teeth) can come in much later. That’s why wisdom teeth can often be a problem.

Sometimes, wisdom teeth come in too close to your other molars. They can push against those teeth and knock most of your smile out of alignment. They can even come in underneath part of your other molars.

Many times, wisdom teeth don’t fully come in. They remain partially covered by your gums. These impacted teeth are a problem because it’s easy for food (and bacteria) to collect there. Your chances of getting cavities there increases, especially because it can be hard to brush that far back in your mouth.

That’s why most people have a wisdom tooth extraction. Even if they’re not causing a problem, they usually will sooner or later.

– Periodontal disease damaged your jawbone and gums enough that it will soon fall out:

The bacteria behind cavities can also cause problems for your gums. Periodontal disease can make your gums pull away from your teeth. Without that support, your teeth can start to get loose. Worse, periodontal disease can cause you to lose bone tissue. This can make your teeth even more loose.

If a dental exam reveals teeth that are going to come out eventually, it’s better to have a tooth extraction. Since the tooth is beyond saving, you want it to come out in a controlled setting. Otherwise, you can risk breaking the tooth or swallowing it.

– You got into an accident or had an injury that broke a tooth:

It’s not uncommon to damage your teeth. Enamel is very tough, and you can chew for years and years without much damage to your teeth. However, accidents and injuries are a different thing.

If you had a bad bike accident or got hit too hard playing hockey, you can chip or crack your teeth. That’s not a big deal, and you can get a dental crown from our Rochester, MN dental office to repair the damage. However, sometimes the damage is severe.

If you crack open a tooth or break one, there might not be a way to fix it. Instead, a tooth extraction can be the only way to relieve the pain and protect the rest of your smile.

– You didn’t realize you had a cavity, and it grew too big:

The same bacteria that can cause periodontal disease are the ones that cause tooth decay. Cavities in your enamel start out small. Many times, it’s impossible to notice at first. The problem is how enamel has no nerve endings. (They’re all inside the tooth in the dental pulp.) That means you might not even notice a cavity.

Until the cavity is treated, it keeps growing. At some point, the cavity can become too big to repair. There’s just not enough enamel left to safely use a dental filling or dental crown. That’s when a tooth extraction may work best.

– You had an infection inside a tooth that grew out of control:

That same bacteria can cause a more painful problem with your teeth. If that cavity gets too deep, it can break through to the dental pulp. A cavity like that can let harmful bacteria infect your pulp. This can be painful, since that’s where all of your nerve endings are found.

However, that pain can come and go. Some people hope it will go away completely one day, so they don’t get treatment. This just lets the bacterial infection grow. A root canal can removed the infected pulp, but if the infection is too widespread, there won’t be enough healthy pulp left to keep your tooth alive.

In these cases, the only option left is a tooth extraction. Without this procedure, you can just face more pain.

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