Why NOW Is The Best Time For Cosmetic Dentistry

Chances are, you’ve thought about cosmetic dentistry. You’ve seen teeth whitening products in the drugstore and wondered if they will work for you. (They will, just not well.) Maybe your teeth have gotten a bit banged up over the years. But should you do it? To be honest, now is probably the best time for you. Here are several reasons why cosmetic dentistry is perfect for people in their 30s to 50s.

  • Your teeth are no longer white. Your teeth do not suddenly turn from white to dull. It’s a slow process that takes many years. Certain foods and drinks (coffee, wine, tomato sauce, etc.) leave behind a tiny stain each time you enjoy them. When you’re in your teens and 20s, these stains are too small to notice. By the time hit middle age, you’ve collected enough of these stains that they become noticeable. Your white smile is now yellow, dark, and simply not attractive. Thankfully, our Rochester, MN dental offices have solutions. Teeth whitening can be done in our offices or at home. You can also get dental veneers that help with stains, chips, rough edges, and more.
  • But your teeth aren’t so bad that whitening might not work well. When you get teeth whitening, you expect white teeth. That’s sometimes a problem with elderly patients. Their teeth can get so bad, whitening only makes them go from very bad to less bad. Plus, whitening only works on your natural teeth. Many older patients have dentures, so teeth whitening can be a problem. But when you are in your 30s, 40s, or 50s, you’re most likely to get the most benefit from whitening. That’s why we offer a Whitening for Life Program. You’ll get free refills of the whitening gel for at-home treatments every time you come in for your twice-yearly appointment.
  • Your teeth are more likely to be damaged. As with stains, chips and cracks are more likely to happen over time. Sure, teenagers tend to do some risky things, so they could easily hurt their teeth. This is simply a question of odds. The later you are in life, the more likely you will have had an accident or injury. After all, which car is more likely to have dents: one that’s two years old or one that’s twelve years old? To correct these, you can get tooth bonding. Our dentists will fill in any rough spots with a special composite resin colored to match your natural teeth. For a more comprehensive solution, you can opt for dental veneers instead. These thin shells cover the front of your teeth, instantly making your smile look white, healthy, and balanced.
  • You can afford it now. Unfortunately, most dental insurance plans consider cosmetic dentistry elective and do not cover it. (That said, you’d be surprised what some plans will cover anyway. Contact your insurance company and ask what treatments they consider elective or not.) When you are young, you probably didn’t have a good job to afford it. When you are old, you will probably need to save your money to cover basics during retirement. Right now is the perfect time to buy cosmetic dental treatments like teeth whitening, veneers, or eve gum reshaping.
  • Your teeth never fully stop moving. Why do so many teenagers get braces or Invisalign? Because that’s when their teeth have mostly stopped moving. You can’t get braces when you’re too young because your teeth are just going to move out of alignment. It’s pointless. By your teens, things have slowed down enough that orthodontic treatments can work. However, teeth never stop moving completely. Even if you had braces when you were young, your teeth might have slid out of place. Don’t worry! You don’t need braces again! Instead, you can get Invisalign clear plastic aligners. These fit comfortably over your teeth like a custom mouthguard. Over time, they slowly move your teeth back where they belong.
  • There are more “photo-worthy” events now. Sure, teenagers graduate from high school. People in their 20s can graduate from college. Now that you’re in your 30s to 50s, you’ve got a lot more events to worry about. Weddings, births, family reunions, class reunions, and even the graduations of your children can all happen at this age. Now more than ever, this means plenty of photos. Unless you want your bad teeth to be immortalized time and time again, you need cosmetic treatments like veneers, Invisalign, and more.

Cosmetic dentistry is much more than just a way to get a beautiful smile. It can help you feel confident and happy for years. Call us today at 507-216-6252 for your next appointment.