Why Drugstore Whitening Fails (And Why Ours Succeeds)

Teeth should be white. That’s what we all expect, even from our own smiles. When they are yellow, dark, or stained, then we know something is wrong. Think of it this way. If you were going to kiss someone, how comfortable would you feel knowing his teeth were brown and dark? That’s why teeth whitening has become so popular.

At your local drugstore, there are all kinds of ways to cosmetic dental systems to whiten teeth: special toothpastes, gels, strips, trays, and more. However, each has a problem: They don’t work well. Sure, they get your teeth a little whiter. They have to, or they wouldn’t be approved by the FDA. But once you see the problems below, you’ll understand why you should probably ignore them.

Why Drugstore Whitening Kits Fail

  • Overusing them can make your teeth sensitive. An uncommon but real side effect of teeth whitening is sensitivity to heat or cold. After all, you’re using a chemical to penetrate your enamel. That means you have to be careful and not use too much. Many of these drugstore kits need to be used over and over again. That makes it more likely you’ll use too much or apply it too often.
  • Unless you’re very careful, you can irritate your gums. Similar to tooth sensitivity, the bleaching agent in these kits can irritate your gums. That means you need to be very carefully and make sure the whitening gel, strip, or whatever doesn’t come into contact with your gums. This can require a steady hand and a lot of time.
  • The bleaching agents are purposefully made weak. The whole point of these drugstore products is to get your teeth white. The bleaching agent that lifts stains is powerful and normally only available with a prescription. These drugstore kits get around that by making the bleaching agent so weak, no prescription is necessary. That means you can buy them over-the-counter, but they’ll take a long time to work. What could be done safely in a day could take weeks or even months.
  • Many contain dangerous abrasives instead of just bleaching agents. To try and make up for the weak whitening, some of these products add strong abrasives. It’s hoped that these will scrape away the stains on your teeth. Unfortunately, anything strong enough to do that will also take away some of your enamel. This can again lead to tooth sensitivity problems. It can also make it easier for tooth decay to hurt your teeth.
  • It’s up to you to do it right. In the end, all of these drugstore teeth whitening products require you to do all of the work. That means you also need to know what you’re doing. Would you be comfortable with home medical work? Or would you hope a trained professional would be on hand to help you?

Teeth Whitening At Our Rochester, MN Dental Office

What is the alternative? Get your teeth whitened with our in-office and take-home systems. Our cosmetic dentistry will truly get your teeth white. Here’s why our systems are much better for you.

  • Our team has the training to do it right. The professional staff at our Rochester, MN dental office have the expert training needed to deliver excellent results. We have been working with teeth whitening systems for years. When you choose to get your whitening done in our office, we can do it right and help protect your teeth and gums.
  • In-office will give great results in one visit. If you go with our in-office system, your teeth will be significantly whiter in a single visit. We apply a special gel to your teeth, carefully avoiding your gums, and then use a special light to activate the bleaching agent. By the time your visit is over, your smile will look amazing again.
  • Take-home trays are customized to fit better. We do offer a take-home system so you can use it at your convenience. With these, we take careful measurements of your teeth and create customized trays. You put the teeth whitening agent in there, then slide them over your teeth. They will fit well and help keep the gel where it belongs — on your teeth.
  • We use a professional strength bleaching agent. Whether you go with in-office or take-home, you’re still going to get a professional strength bleaching agent that is not available in drugstores. Only dentists can give these out. Because it’s strong, you will spend less time before you get the results you want.
  • You can keep your smile white with the Whitening for Life program. Teeth whitening is never permanent. Since the stains come from what you eat and drink, you slowly start to stain your teeth again. To help this, we offer the Whitening for Life program. You’ll start with our take-home trays. Then, you’ll receive free replacement whitening gel every time you visit our Rochester, MN dental office for a regular cleaning and exam. This will help keep your teeth white all year long.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth whitening are too important to leave to weak drugstore kits. Call us today at 507-315-2932 for an appointment.