Why Christmas Is Great For Cosmetic Dentistry

With the holidays fast approaching, are you ready for them? Is your smile? Call us today at 507-315-2932 to schedule an appointment for cosmetic dentistry. Our dentists have training and experience in improving smiles with teeth whitening, dental veneers, and more. This Christmas, you can smile with confidence.

How The Holidays Work With Unsightly Smiles

Having cosmetic problems with your teeth can be very embarrassing. That can make Christmas more difficult to get through.

  • You’ll be meeting plenty of people, some you never see until Christmas comes around.
  • There will be plenty of Christmas photos, immortalizing your smile’s problems.
  • With all the stress around Christmas, you don’t need to be worrying about how your smile looks.

That’s why it’s important to call us today at our Rochester, MN dental office. Cosmetic dentistry treatments can do much more than just improve your smile. You can feel more confident, happier, and less stressed.

How Cosmetic Dentistry Makes Things Better

What specifically can cosmetic dentistry help with for this year’s Christmas?

– Teeth whitening to remove dark stains and have a bright smile.

Just about anything you eat or drink that’s dark — coffee, tea, wine, tomato sauce, soy sauce, and more — can leave behind tiny stains on your teeth. Over the years, these build up and turn your smile brownish, dark, and dingy.

Call us today at 507-216-6252 and schedule your next appointment for teeth whitening. Because our dentists want you to have choices, you can whiten your teeth in one day at our Rochester, MN dental office or over two weeks at your home. Either way, you’ll have a bright, dazzling smile for Christmas and more.

– Dental veneers to cover stains and unsightly damage.

Even if a damaged tooth doesn’t hurt, it can look unattractive. Chips, cracks, and stains detract from your smile. Plus, such damage can get worse over time. Dental veneers are thin shells bonded with the front of your teeth. As soon as they are placed, damage and stains are hidden behind a natural and healthy look.

By calling our Rochester, MN dental office today, you can get closer to a great smile with dental veneers. Our dentists are highly trained in using veneers. They are skilled enough to make your veneers a little big so they cover worn edges or small gaps between teeth.

– Tooth bonding to fill in cracks and chips.

A more affordable option to dental veneers is tooth bonding. If you have chips and cracks in your teeth, it looks bad and can be a health risk. That’s because such damage can grow worse over time with the pressure from chewing all that food.

When you call Northwest Dental Group today, make an appointment for tooth bonding. In this cosmetic dentistry treatment, our dentists will expertly flow a thin layer of a tooth-colored resin material over your teeth. When shaped, it will fill in cracks and chips.

– Gum reshaping to raise or lower your gumline.

Your gums are a small part of your smile, but they can make a big impact. If your gums have receded, your teeth can look too long or big. If you have too much gum tissue, your gummy smile can make your teeth look strangely small.

Call us today and make an appointment for gum reshaping or gum recession treatment. Our dentists have advanced training in helping correct your gum issues. You can get excess gum tissue removed or healthy gum tissue added.

– Invisalign for discretely straightening your smile.

Crooked teeth are hard to hide. Because everyone expects adults to have straight teeth, even just one crooked tooth can make your whole smile look unusual. However, many adults deal with that because they cannot stand the idea of wearing metal braces again.

You don’t have to anymore. Call our Rochester, MN dental office today and schedule an appointment for Invisalign clear aligners. This orthodontic treatment can straighten your teeth and give you an aligned smile. Because they’re made from comfortable clear plastic, they are almost invisible when worn.

Christmas should be a time where you relax and enjoy yourself. That can be difficult if you’re embarrassed about your smile. Call us TODAY at 507-315-2932 or use our convenient online form and make an appointment for cosmetic dentistry. Just imagine all those photos and parties where your smile looks amazing.