Why Adults May Prefer Invisalign To Traditional Braces [BLOG]

Invisalign Week at Northwest Dental Group is July 16-21, and our team wants to make sure you have an introduction to this innovative orthodontic treatment in time to check it out in our Rochester, MN dental office.

How Is Invisalign Treatment Different?

Instead of having brackets bonded to your teeth held together by wires, Invisalign is an orthodontic method that moves your teeth into position with clear aligners that you change out every couple of weeks.

It’s a fairly modern alternative to traditional metal braces that’s gaining popularity, especially among patients who perhaps didn’t get orthodontics out of the way in their early teens or who have teeth that have shifted out of alignment throughout their adult years.

Why Adults May Prefer Invisalign To Braces

Everyone knows that traditional braces get the job done, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best choice for every patient.

Here are four reasons why adults may prefer Invisalign instead:


The number one concern among older patients who want to pursue orthodontic treatment has to do with the sacrifice it will mean to their appearance.

There’s no hiding metal braces, which makes the nearly invisible aligners you wear with Invisalign much more appealing for adults. It won’t force you to compromise your mature, sophisticated appearance, which is especially nice in a professional environment.


You’re probably aware that wearing brackets and wires comes with necessary restrictions on your diet. You have to stay away from hard or sticky foods or candy that may damage your braces.

Invisalign is removable, so you’re able to take the trays out when you eat, which is quite convenient. It’s also convenient knowing you can do the same when it’s time to brush and floss your teeth rather than using special tools or spending more time in front of the mirror getting bits of food unstuck from brackets and wires.


Metal braces are something patients get used to pretty quickly, but there can be some discomfort along the way. The soft tissues inside your cheeks and lips can become scratched and irritated by the sharp edges of the brackets and wires.

The clear, smooth plastic aligners of Invisalign won’t pose this potential problem, not to mention this therapy uses gentler pressure than braces to move your teeth into position.

*Fast Results*

It’s one thing to wear braces when you’re younger. The time it takes to complete treatment, roughly 2-3 years, is somehow made easier when you’re going through it with many of your friends.

It’s quite another thing to endure treatment for that long as an adult, when you’re likely the only person in your professional and social circles going through it!

Fortunately, Invisalign therapy is over faster than braces, often ending within about a year. That’s quite a bit less time to have to wait for results!

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Traditional braces are effective, but not every adult wants to go through what most people get out of the way in their teens.

Invisalign is faster, more discreet, and it works, making it ideal for college students and professional adults who are ready to get straight teeth and a beautiful smile!

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