When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

No one likes to think about tooth extraction – it’s a frightening topic and it isn’t one that we take lightly. Tooth extraction is always a very last resort at our Rochester office, but there are times when it needs to happen!

Our goal is always to save your teeth and we do that in any way we can before even considering pulling them. In instances where your oral health could be jeopardized by leaving a tooth in we won’t hesitate to take it out, though. We want to go over the reasons for extraction with you today. Sometimes knowing what could happen is the best insurance against it!

Severe Tooth Decay

Cavities happen to around 90 percent of at some point in our lives, so it’s to be expected that you end up with a filling or two over the years. What we don’t want to see happen is tooth decay so severe that it requires extraction!

In most cases of severe decay a root canal can clean your tooth out and let us keep it safely in place. If the decay goes too far, however, that can quickly change. When bacteria from a cavity makes its way outside a tooth it can form an abscess, a pocket of infection that is incredibly dangerous and damaging. Abscesses can frequently be treated with root canals as well, but not always.

Decay can also eat away at a tooth until it’s no longer stable enough to restore. In that case it’s also necessary to extract it. The other option is to wait for it to break, and we definitely don’t want that to happen!

Gum Disease

When bacteria gets under your gumline and starts to spread it can lead to gum disease. Extreme cases of gum disease usually result in tooth loss due to bone damage and gum recession, and in many of those cases we prefer to extract teeth rather than wait for them to fall out.

Gum disease damage can easily be prevented and reversed, but care is needed early on to successfully save teeth. When your gums recede to the point that your teeth loosen you’re already in serious danger! Not many people take gum disease seriously, which is why it’s the number one cause of tooth loss in the world!

If you notice redness in your gums, bleeding when brushing, gum recession, or discoloration you’re suffering from the early stages of gum disease. Contact our Rochester office before it’s too late!

Traumatic Injury

Teeth do a great job at resisting injuries, but there’s plenty of times when excess force cracks, breaks, or simply shatters them. Sports injuries, accidents, and even a slip-and-fall can have devastating effects on your teeth, and the worst part is how out of your control the injury can be!

Plenty of dental injuries can be fixed using crowns, bonding, or other restorative methods that don’t involve extraction. The main reason to extract a damaged tooth is if a crack has reached down below the gumline or the root of the tooth.

Saving Your Teeth Always Comes First!

The line between extraction and restoration can be a fine one, but at Northwest Dental Group we take pride in being able to push that line back as far as possible. There’s not a single tooth replacement system that’s better than your natural teeth, which is why we’ll explore every option before resorting to extraction.

Coming to our Rochester office for an extraction won’t be a stressful experience – we do whatever we can to make you feel better about your procedure. Whether you need sedation, comfort items, or anything else to make the experience stress-free we’ll be sure we are able to make it happen!

Preventing Extraction: It’s Possible!

The causes of extraction are usually tied to tooth decay and gum disease – two problems that we’re able to treat and prevent at Northwest Dental Group. You can avoid even having to think about tooth extraction by taking good care of your teeth both at home and at our office with regular checkups. Caring for your teeth doesn’t need to be difficult if you always have prevention in mind!

Let us help you avoid the thought of tooth extraction – make an appointment at our Rochester dentist office by calling 507-216-6252. You can also request an appointment right here online. We hope to see you soon!