What’s Causing Your Toothache?

There aren’t a whole lot of pains as bad as a toothache – if you’ve ever suffered from one you know that all too well! A toothache makes you immediately aware of how much you use your mouth to talk, eat, and even express emotion throughout the day. It’s a pain that’s constant and always present – it’s horrible!

At Northwest Dental Group we see plenty of patients suffering from dental pain and we can resolve any number of issues. It’s still important to understand where toothaches come from so you can better understand the urgency of treatment so we’re going to share that with you today. No matter what’s causing your toothache it’s essential that we see you at our Rochester dentist office right away so don’t hesitate to call us today! We always try to see emergencies same day!

Toothache Causes

There are a number of reasons you might experience a toothache but the following are the most common.

Tooth Decay

Cavities don’t normally hurt until things have already gotten serious. When you’re experiencing a toothache due to a cavity chances are it has reached the root of the tooth! When a cavity reaches that far it quickly infects the soft dental pulp at the root of your teeth. The dental pulp contains all the nerves and blood vessels that keep your teeth healthy and when they become infected you experience a lot of pain that comes on fast!

The normal treatment for an infected tooth root is a root canal. Don’t worry about the rumors surrounding this treatment – it’s an essential part of restoring teeth, relieving pain, and preventing the spread of infection. Root canals involve removing the infected pulp, sealing your tooth to prevent infection, and restoring it with a crown that we make the same day as your root canal. You’ll feel better almost immediately!

Dental Abscesses

An abscess is a pocket of infection that forms as a result of an untreated tooth infection. These pockets form in your gums and bone near a tooth that has a decayed root – without a root canal these are the result! Abscesses often cause fevers and swelling, so if you’re feeling ill along with a toothache you need to be seen immediately!

Without a root canal to remove the infected pulp and abscess you are at risk for further infection and potential tooth loss. In rare cases an abscess can require a tooth extraction but these cases are rare – you’ll be in pain before you get to that point in most cases!


You might think that dental trauma means a visible fracture, crack, or other damage to your tooth but that’s not necessarily the case! Repetitive forces like those caused by teeth grinding or other accidents can cause microfractures that are completely invisible but still cause a lot of pain! These small fractures can lead to decay, infection, and other conditions because they are invisible, often until they start causing problems!

We have the tools available at Northwest Dental Group to identify and treat these microfractures and larger traumatic injuries to your teeth. Using crowns made the same day you come in we can protect and restore your teeth, relieve pain, and help you keep a damaged tooth for life. Just because it’s broken doesn’t mean you can’t keep it!

The Most Important Part Of Treating A Toothache

No matter what the cause there’s one thing that all toothache treatments have in common: they need to be prompt! If you’ve been experiencing toothache pain lasting more than two days, accompanied by a fever, or with swelling you need to call our Rochester dentist office right away! We see emergency patients same day and we will make every effort to relieve your pain as fast as possible!

Our number one goal for dental pain treatment is to help you feel better. Don’t hesitate to call our office right away to get the help you need – we’re here for you!

To reach Northwest Dental Group call 507-315-2932. If you have a non-emergency treatment need you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!