What You Should Know About Preventing & Treating Cavities [BLOG]

Preventing cavities, and treating them should they develop, can be easily done when you trust our highly-skilled dentists and hygienists to oversee your dental care. When you visit Northwest Dental Group for routine cleanings and exams, we can help you stay ahead of tooth decay and other problems and swiftly treat them when they arise.

But aside from visiting our Rochester, MN practice, simply being informed can also help in warding off tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease.

So, here are a few surprising facts you should know!

*You Can Wait Too Long To Fill A Cavity*

It’s no secret that cavities don’t just suddenly appear, but rather develop over a period of time. But for some reason, many people tend to think that once a cavity forms, it stays frozen just the way it is. In actuality, a cavity is a hole that can deepen and widen just like anything else if given time to do so without intervention.

To save your decayed tooth, you should have a cavity treated as soon as your dentist detects it.

*Cavities Are Only The Beginning For Bacteria*

When bad bacteria feeds on the sugary food particles stuck between your teeth, it releases harmful acids that wear away your tooth enamel. While this process of decay lead to the holes, or cavities, we’re talking about today, that’s only the beginning of what this bacteria can do to your oral health.

It’s also responsible for gum disease infection, which is another reason why you never want to let tooth decay go ignored or untreated for very long!

*Dental Fillings Don’t Have To Leave Their Mark*

It wasn’t that long ago when a cavity meant an inevitable dark spot inside your mouth after treatment. Metal fillings, depending on where they were used in your mouth, could even show when you smiled.

But now, you can fill cavities inconspicuously with tooth-colored fillings, and as we mentioned, inlays and onlays, all of which can hide any evidence of tooth decay!

*Fluoride Can Help Prevent Tooth Decay*

Among our variety of preventive strategies at Northwest Dental Group, fluoride varnishes and treatments are one of the best defenses against tooth decay. It provides your teeth with an added layer of protection so tooth decay will have a much harder time wrecking your smile!

It’s also helpful to drink fluoridated water and rely on a fluoridated toothpaste for added armor for your teeth.

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Because cavities are so common doesn’t mean they can’t pose a serious threat to your oral health. Without treating a cavity right away, you’re giving it a chance to grow deeper and wider, thus giving bacteria easier entry to the vulnerable tissues inside your teeth.

Prevent that with fluoride treatments and tooth-colored fillings at Northwest Dental Group.

Our experienced staff of skilled professionals can swiftly, and effectively, address your dental problems before they take hold of your healthy smile!

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