A Tooth Extraction Might Be Just What You Need

That toothache coming and going is starting to get you worried. Is it a big problem? Will the tooth need to come out? Our Rochester dentists know many ways to repair and save teeth, but the chances of that happening decrease the longer you wait. There’s a real chance that you might need a tooth extraction.

Call our Rochester, MN dental office today at 507-216-6252 to schedule a dental exam. Root canals, dental crowns, and more can save teeth, but there are times when removing the tooth is the last, best way to protect your smile. Thankfully, our Rochester dentists are very skilled in using tooth extractions safely and comfortably.

Don’t Ignore A Tooth That Needs To Come Out

Sometimes, it’s tempting to ignore a problem and hope it goes away. After all, you’re older now. You can’t panic every time you feel a little pain or discomfort, right? Remember that pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Also, some problems might be bad despite not hurting you at all.

When it comes to dentistry, problems rarely go away on their own. Instead, they usually get worse. Here are a few situations you can find yourself in if you ignore a problem tooth for too long:

  • A tooth gets weak and can break apart while still in your mouth.
  • A toothache that comes and goes keeps getting more painful.
  • The jawbone around that tooth starts to deteriorate.
  • An infection in a tooth begins to spread through your body.
  • Your other teeth start to get crooked or become unhealthy too.

That’s why you need to call Northwest Dental Group today. Our Rochester dentists have the right combination of advanced training and real-world experience to know when a tooth can be saved and when it needs to be removed.

When A Tooth Extraction Is A Good Thing

Speaking of needing a tooth removed, here are a few specific cases when a tooth extraction is the treatment you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy.


Your wisdom teeth are molars in the very back of your mouth. They come in much later than your other teeth, and that’s usually a problem. Many times, your wisdom teeth never come through the gums completely. These impacted teeth often cause cavities and gum disease. Then there are times when the wisdom tooth tries to come through partially underneath your other molars. This can damage your teeth and make all of them crooked.

By calling our Rochester, MN dental office today, you can get those wisdom teeth removed to protect the rest of your teeth.


Cavities are caused by harmful bacteria eroding holes in your enamel. When these holes get too deep, or when you crack a tooth by accident, those bacteria can get to the inside of the tooth. This infection is painful, but worse, it starts to make the enamel brittle and weak. Such a tooth is dangerous because it could easily fracture and break apart in your mouth.

If the infection is caught early enough, a root canal can save it. But if the infection has been there for too long, the enamel could be brittle enough that a tooth extraction is the only treatment option left.


Your baby teeth are all supposed to fall out, getting pushed out by an equal number of adult teeth. However, that process isn’t always perfect. For some people, a few of their baby teeth get stubborn and never fall out. Others have a problem with too many adult teeth; their bodies just made a few extra.

Regardless of how, this ends up giving you an overcrowded mouth. Not only does this look bad, it gives you a higher risk of cavities, gum disease, and TMJ disorder. If you have extra teeth in your smile, a tooth extraction is really the only solution.

Call us TODAY at 507-216-6252 or use our online form to schedule your next appointment with our Rochester dentists. After a thorough dental exam, our team will explain your treatment options. If a tooth extraction is needed, rest assured that our highly trained dentists can do what’s needed to keep your smile healthy.