Three Types Of People Who Can Benefit From Sedation

When you think of dental sedation you’re probably thinking that it’s for people who are scared of the dentist. That’s definitely true, and the majority of patients at our Rochester office who opt for sedation are anxious about dental care. But they aren’t the only ones who can benefit from it.

At Northwest Dental Group we offer multiple sedation options from the light, easily dismissed nitrous oxide, to “twilight” IV sedation. We’re glad to offer it up to anyone who needs it – you might be able to benefit from it yourself!

Who Can Benefit From Dental Sedation?

The Frightened Patient

This is the most obvious kind of sedation patient to many people. If you suffer from dental anxiety or phobia sedation can be the solution to all of your fears and problems. A lot of patients who are scared of the dentist avoid getting essential care and end up developing cavities and gum disease – the exact things we’re trying to eradicate as dentist!

If you’re missed dental appointments in the past it isn’t too late to come and see us – we’ll gladly provide sedation for even the simplest of dental procedures. Nitrous oxide is a great way to relax during something simple like a cleaning: it leaves you feeling relaxed, calm, and comfortable without making you groggy afterward.

There’s no reason to be scared of pain or discomfort from your dental pain when you can simply sleep right through it! It also might help you to know that we’ll never judge you, scold you, or lecture you about being away from the dentist. We’ll simply be happy to know you’re coming back!

The Always-On-The-Go Patient

Whether you’re a busy professional, a parent who has all sorts of responsibilities, or just can’t stand the idea of multiple appointments for one procedure sedation might be for you! Our stronger offerings, like IV sedation, enable us to get a lot more work done in one visit than would normally happen without it.

Called “twilight sedation,” IV sedation puts you in a state between sleep and awake that you won’t remember at all. Patients under IV anesthesia wake up with no memory of having their procedure done at all – you’ll just feel like you’re starting to get groggy and then waking up.

This is a great option if you’re worried about taking time out from work or missing any other flexibility your schedule needs. Most patients can only handle so much dental work before they hit the point where they’re simply done sitting in the chair with someone’s fingers in their mouth. Dental work is nothing if not invasive!

Procedures like multiple implant placement, oral surgery, emergency treatment, and other intense and long-duration procedures can be exhausting. Why not use sedation to simply sleep right through the whole thing?

The Special Needs Patient

There are a lot of reasons why a patient might not understand their dental care needs. Many of those patients can become frightened or panic while they’re sitting in the dental chair – that’s something no one wants.

A panicked patient of any age can harm themselves, the dentist, their loved ones, and staff in attendance. For that reason we recommend dental sedation as a way to help calm patients who could become panicked or dangerous during dental procedures.

Many of the sedatives we offer will leave you awake but incredibly relaxed. They are taken in pill form and are great for these kinds of needs. Called oral sedation, it leaves you in a state of deep relaxation that won’t put you completely out – you’ll just be perfectly okay with what’s going on.

Oral sedation is ideal for these kinds of patients because it will allow them to regain alertness relatively quickly. In many cases oral sedation can wear off within a few hours after the procedure. In cases of more extreme fears we can still offer IV sedation, however.

Sedatives Are A Great Option!

It doesn’t matter why you want to sleep through your dental appointment – what matters is that you can! If you’re interested in finding out more about our dental sedation options feel free to call Northwest Dental Group today!

You can reach both of our office by phone at 507-315-2932 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!