Stop Snoring & Start Sleeping Soundly With Your Sweetheart! [BLOG]

Snoring is a really common problem couples deal with from time to time, but persistent loud snoring can do more than just rob you and your partner of a good night’s rest.

It could be a sign of sleep apnea, a cycle of restless sleep brought on by a repetitious blockage of your airway. Not only does it keep you, the sufferer, awake off and on all through the night, but the chronic snoring it often causes can keep your sleep partner up all night, too.

This can create a domino effect of destruction in your relationship, with problems that drive a wedge between you and your spouse.

Sleep apnea-induced snoring can make you and your spouse cranky, irritable, short-fused, lethargic, and even emotionally and physically disconnected, where you sleep in one room and your spouse in another.

On top of all that, sleep apnea is incredibly dangerous to your overall health if you don’t seek professional treatment.

Fortunately, our team at Northwest Dental Group can help you!

We’re telling you how to restore intimacy with your Valentine by visiting our Rochester, MN dental office for snoring and sleep apnea solutions!

Sleep Soundly With Your Sweetheart!

Some patients with sleep apnea opt for a CPAP machine to help them get some rest.

A CPAP gets the job done, but not everyone who chooses this form of treatment actually uses it. That’s because it has several parts, such as a face mask, hose, and electrical cord, that can all be uncomfortable and cumbersome.

If you have a spouse, a CPAP machine won’t do much to bring you both back together in the same bedroom again. It makes noise, so while you, the sleep apnea sufferer, can benefit from it, your long-suffering spouse may still find it hard to sleep in the same room as you and a loud CPAP machine.

At Northwest Dental Group, we offer a quieter alternative. We’ll take dental impressions to create a custom-fit oral appliance that allows you to breathe easily while you sleep. It will position your upper and lower jaw so air moves freely and you stop snoring, yet it fits so comfortably, you’ll be able to speak easily, drink water, and even take medication while wearing it!

The best part is that an oral appliance, like any mouthguard, is completely silent. No parts, no mask, no cords, no power button, and no noise.

Just sound, peaceful sleep for you and your sweetheart!

Call Us For Help!

What better time than Valentine’s Day to find solutions for your loud, disruptive snoring so you can reconnect with your sweetheart?

Our team in Rochester, MN can provide you with a custom oral appliance that not only improves the quality of sleep for you and your partner, but will let both of you wake up more refreshed and energized so you can put the spark back in your relationship!

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