Be Ready For A Dental Emergency With These Items

Obviously, you can’t be ready for every potentially bad situation, but you can do everything possible to be prepared for the unexpected. If you’d like some professional advice on putting together a great dental emergency kit that will help you handle an injury better, call Northwest Dental Group at 507-216-6252 to book a visit with us today.

If you have a dental injury, visit one of our two Rochester, MN dentist offices as soon as possible. We guarantee a same-day appointment because we have a large team and keep at least one of our skilled dentists on call at all times. When our offices are closed, we also route calls for emergencies to a doctor immediately, so you can get care ASAP.

If you or someone you know has a dental injury that is causing bleeding, try to stop the flow as soon as possible by applying gentle pressure with gauze or a cotton ball. Visit a local emergency room right away if you are unable to stop the bleeding.

Thanks to our two locations, multiple dentists, and flexible hours, we can always see patients on the same day you reach out to us. Both of our locations open early at 7:00 a.m. every weekday and stay late until 6:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday. We even offer Saturday appointments at our 14th street office.

Don’t let financial concerns make you hesitate when you need emergency dentistry. We offer a five percent discount for any treatment if you are able to pay with cash or check on the day of your procedures. We also accept a large variety of payment options so you can cover the cost of your care using the method that works best for you.

Keep These Items Around As Part Of Your Dental Emergency Kit

When you arrive at Northwest Dental Group and require emergency treatment, we will do everything we can to improve your comfort level from the moment you arrive. Depending on your situation, we may even numb the affected area with an anesthetic shortly after you come in.

To help you relax and feel a little better, we also offer a variety of amenities, including:

  • TVs in every care room so you can distract yourself with a show or movie while we work on repairing your smile damage
  • Headphones so you can enjoy some calming music
  • Various refreshments, including beverages like coffee and tea and some snacks as well

If you are nervous and need some extra help relieving your dental anxiety, we can also provide three different forms of dental sedation, including:

  • Gas sedation, commonly known as “laughing gas”
  • Pre-op sedatives in pill form
  • Oral sedation, which is similar to our pre-op sedative but more potent

So you won’t feel rushed, we can also provide an extended appointment by request. We’ll work at your pace and ensure you are comfortable the entire time you’re in our care.

We would also be happy to quickly explain any treatment that you are getting if you’d like. That way, you’ll know what to expect before we begin. We have extensive experience and are very knowledgeable about a large variety of dental treatments, but we can still use approachable language that you will understand.

Just like you have a good first aid kit to help you quickly and effectively address minor medical issues, you should keep a kit around for emergencies involving your smile. You can buy them online or at certain pharmacies, but you can also compile your own more affordably. Here are some of the items you should include and what they’re for:

  • Nitrile gloves, to keep your mouth clean when you’re examining and touching it
  • Saline solution, for rinsing out your mouth
  • Gauze, for stopping blood flow and cushioning and protecting the injury
  • Cotton balls and swabs for cleaning the affected area and also for applying various medicines
  • Over-the-counter pain relievers to dull your discomfort and reduce inflammation
  • Ice packs, to reduce swelling and help numb some of the pain
  • Benzocaine, so you can numb the area if desired
  • A small, clean liquid-tight container, for storing any tooth fragments in (fill the container with saliva or milk to keep the fragments moist)

As you may have noticed, some of these items are probably already part of your first aid kit, so go ahead and check those items off your list! By supplementing your first aid kit with a few items that are dental specific, you’ll be better prepared for a variety of potential dental injuries.

If you’d like, we can also provide some professional advice on keeping calm during an emergency situation involving your smile. We know it’s much easier said than done to keep a cool head when you have suffered a dental injury, but the more methodical and intentional you are about how you handle the situation the better.

Many patients are aware of breathing exercises to calm their nerves. You can try breathing in and out slowly and intentionally at any pace that feels comfortable for you. Or, you could try the 4-7-8 method if you’d like a more guided breathing experience. If you choose to use this method, all you need to do is:

  • Breathe in through your nose for four seconds
  • Hold the breath for seven seconds
  • Breathe out through your mouth while making a “whooshing” sound for 8 seconds
  • Repeat

Another useful approach is tensing a group of muscles for a few seconds and holding it, then releasing all of the tension. Focusing on other parts of your body will shift your attention and may even allow you to release stress that you didn’t know you were holding.

Get the gentle and professional help you need and deserve when you have a dental emergency by calling Northwest Dental Group at 507-216-6252 right away. You can also visit either of our two Rochester, MN dentist offices in person or, in non-emergency situations, fill out our handy online form to schedule a visit or submit questions to a team member.