Hear About Implants Directly From Our Patients

If you’ve considered getting dental implants for a single tooth, replacing partial dentures, or even getting rid of your full dentures you’ve come to the right place. Rochester Dental Group has placed countless dental implants for a variety of patients and their needs.

We tend to talk a lot about what we can do with dental implants, but we figured today we’d give our patients a chance to do it for us. There are countless cases of patients who were thrilled with the implant work the received – here’s your chance to hear it directly for them!

Our Thrilled Patients

I lost a single tooth in a pickup hockey game and was considering getting a bridge. I was reading online about my tooth replacement options and I found out about implants. I’m thrilled I decided to go this route!

Stephen, Chester MN

A single tooth implant can be done for any reason a tooth was lost. Whether it was trauma, gum disease, or tooth decay that caused you to lose a tooth the hands-down best option is an implant. A bridge will definitely work, but over time your bridge will wear out and need to be replaced. Once an implant is secured it will be there for life.

I decided to get All-On-Four implants to replace my dentures. I was wearing them for years and was tired of all the restrictions they placed on me. I needed to have bone grafting done so that I could have implants placed but it was definitely worth it. Thanks, Rochester Dental Group!

Patricia, Rochester MN

Full mouth implant solutions like All-On-Four will really amaze you. Not only will you be able to eat all your favorite foods again, but you won’t have to deal with any of the discomfort, hassle, or embarrassment that come with dentures. All you’ll have is a mouth full of permanent teeth that are always ready to smile when you are!

When my partial dentures broke I was looking at some pretty big costs to replace them. I put it off for a while and dealt with missing teeth but I simply couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to get several implants placed instead of buying a new denture. It was a bit more expensive but I think it was worth it.

Larry, Stewartville MN

Studies have found that patients who replace partial dentures with dental implants have a remarkable improvement in their quality of life. Partial dentures are irritating, uncomfortable, and can become downright painful if the don’t fit well anymore. Replacing them with implants will keep your teeth steady and your smile great for as long as you’re still grinning.

When my dentures fell out in a restaurant I finally had it. I had hated them for years and was finally ready to do something about it. I decided to get implant support for my dentures so they would actually stay where I put them! Now I snap my dentures in when I wake up and pop them out at night. It’s great!

Diane, Douglas MN

Diane’s case isn’t rare – people who wear dentures overwhelmingly report that they hate them. If you’re living with dentures there’s no reason you need to go on living unhappily. You can get the support and stability you want without having to break the bank!

Implant supported dentures are a great solution that gives you a comfortable, easy-to-wear smile without the high costs of a full permanent bridge. In many cases you can even keep your current dentures after we modify them to fit!

What Can Dental Implants Do For You?

The implant systems we offer at Northwest Dental Group are as varied as your personal needs. We’ve worked with hundreds of patients and have crafted hundreds of different system that are as unique as your smile. No two dental implant patients are alike, which is what makes our solutions so great: they’re custom tailored to every patient we see!

The only way to find out if our implant services are right for you is to take the first leap into calling our Rochester office. From there we’ll schedule you for a consultation appointment that will help us determine exactly what you need and how we can best provide it!

Don’t wait around for those dentures to get more comfortable – call us today at 507-315-2932! You can also request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!