Handling Big And Small Dental Emergencies

If you are having a dental emergency, call our Rochester, MN dental office immediately at 507-315-2932. Our dentists are usually able to see you the same day that you call. If you call in the morning, we guarantee that you’ll have an appointment that day. And if you call after we’ve closed for the day, you’ll get a special phone number to call for our on-call doctor.

Handling Big Dental Emergencies

Not all emergencies are treated the same. If you are having a big dental emergency, here’s what you can do.

You chipped or cracked a tooth.

You could be in pain, but sometimes, there’s no pain at all. Regardless, call our Rochester, MN dental office immediately. Anything strong enough to chip enamel can easily cause internal damage to your tooth. Our dentists can use fully digital X-rays to detect any such damage, and with our restorative dentistry, correct it.

You have a loose tooth.

Do your best to not play with it. If you move it around to check if it’s still loose or just how loose it is, you could make it fall out. Take some non-aspirin pain relievers and call us at 507-315-2932 immediately. Our dentists are highly skilled in emergency dentistry and might be able to save the tooth.

You have a tooth that fell out.

If there is any bleeding, put pressure on it to stop it. Go to your emergency room if you cannot. If the bleeding stops, rinse the tooth off and put it in a container with milk or water to cover it. Call the Northwest Dental Group immediately for an emergency appointment. Be sure to bring the tooth with you if you can.

You have a deep cut on the inside of your mouth.

Use a sterile gauze or bit of cloth and apply direct pressure to the wound. Hold it there for a while and see if you can stop the bleeding. If not, visit the emergency room, as stopping the bleeding is the most important thing right now. Assuming you can stop the bleeding, call our Rochester, MN dental office and explain what happened. We’ll be able to determine the best thing to do once we hear the details.

One of your crowns is loose or comes off.

Go to a drugstore and buy dental cement. It’s a temporary adhesive and filling replacement. Use as directed to secure the crown back on that tooth. Then call us at 507-315-2932 for an emergency appointment. Dental cement can last up to two days or more, but you need a permanent solution.

Handling Small Dental Emergencies

You have something stuck between your teeth.

Do not use a toothpick. One slip, and you could stab your gums. Instead, use dental floss and gently try to dislodge whatever is stuck between your teeth. Sometimes, it helps to vigorously swish water around your mouth. If you cannot get rid of it after a few tries, call our Rochester, MN dental office.

You see a little blood after brushing.

This is not an emergency unless you somehow cut yourself. Instead, this is likely a sign that you have gum disease. This condition is serious, as it can eventually cause your teeth to fall out. Call the Northwest Dental Group today for a new appointment.

You have a shallow cut on the inside of your mouth.

The important thing is to stop the bleeding. Apply pressure with something sterile like gauze. Once the bleeding stops, call us and tell us what happened. And if the bleeding doesn’t stop, go to your emergency room to get more help.

No matter what kind of dental emergency you have, call us at 507-315-2932. Our dentists are here for you when you need emergency help.