Get Your Smile Ready Before Summer Begins

Finally, spring has brought a thaw to Minnesota. It’s time to get out and enjoy life after being cooped up inside for so much. And as summer comes closer, people begin worrying about how they look. Will they look good in a swimsuit? Will they be able to impress people at the reunion?

While many will focus on a beach body, you shouldn’t forget your smile. That’s what people notice first most of the time. If you’re teeth are stained or unsightly, you can easily feel self-conscious and uneasy at these summer events.

That’s why you need to call our Rochester, MN dental office today at 507-216-6252 and schedule an appointment for cosmetic dentistry. Our dentists have the expert training needed to transform your smile into something that will amaze people — and make you feel confident.

Why You Need A Healthy-Looking Smile

During the summer, you’ll be making a lot of memories and seeing many people. Whether it’s family for the 4th of July picnic or new friends you make while on vacation, you want to look your best. It’s not vain to make sure your clothes for these events don’t have stains or holes in them. Why should it be any different when it comes to your smile?

Here are some summer activities where having a beautiful smile can help:

  • Family Gatherings: Summer is a great time for reunions, family trips, or just meeting at grandma’s house for a barbecue. Sometimes, these gatherings are one of the few times we get to see our extended family. How well do you want your teeth to look?
  • Vacations: Many people travel during the summer to places they’ve always wanted to visit. Though many staycation and enjoy being a tourist in their hometown. Either way, there will be plenty of photos taken. Will you be smiling in these vacation pics?
  • Class Reunions: Your old high school (and sometimes college or middle school) can put on a reunion after so many years have passed. It might be good fun to meet up with old friends you haven’t seen in decades. Do you want your smile looking bright and healthy for the reunion?
  • Parent Events: If you have kids, you can make plans with several families to get together at a park, pool, zoo, or somewhere fun for the family. What do you want the other parents to see when you smile?

Cosmetic Dentistry For Summer

At Northwest Dental Group, you can choose from several cosmetic dentistry treatments to get your smile ready before summer begins. Here are some of the most popular.


It’s easy to feel like hiding your teeth after so many years of coffee, tea, wine, and more. That’s because they leave behind stains that add up over time. It’s a slow process, but one day you notice that your teeth are dark and brownish. This is even worse if you use tobacco.

At our Rochester, MN dental office, you can get professional-strength teeth whitening. Whether you get this done in our office or with our convenient take-home option, your smile can soon be bright and white like it should be.


Although the enamel covering your teeth is very tough, it’s not impervious to damage. Accidents, injuries, and more can leave you with teeth that are chipped and cracked. Even if you don’t feel any discomfort, they look painful.

But dental veneers can help. These shell-like covers for your teeth hide stains and damage as soon as our dentists place them on the front of your teeth. They can even cover up small gaps between your teeth so it looks like you just finished with an orthodontic treatment.


A more affordable alternative to dental veneers is tooth bonding. Here, our highly trained dentists will expertly flow a thick, tooth-colored resin over the front of your teeth. This will fill in chips and cracks, and it will even hide stains. The resin looks and feels like enamel, so all people will see is a white, healthy-looking smile.

Call us TODAY at 507-216-6252 or use our online form to schedule your next appointment for cosmetic dentistry. After all, don’t you deserve a great-looking smile for all those summertime activities and photos?