Don’t Let Diet Soft Drinks Hurt Your Smile! [BLOG]

Remember after the holidays when you told yourself this was going to be the year you got back in shape?

You had all these elaborate plans to join a gym, workout several times a week, and try all sorts of new, healthier recipes.

And come swimsuit season, you were going to be ready to step out and show off your new and improved physique!

Maybe you had good intentions at the start of 2019, but life happened and a million other things derailed your diet plans.

Now, the stores are filled with shorts, and tank tops, and bathing suits, so you might be feeling the pressure to really get yourself in gear for the warmer weather and more revealing wardrobe.

Well, before you up your diet soda intake, your friends at Northwest Dental Group in Rochester, MN want to warn you about what those drinks can do to your teeth.

Don’t Let Diet Soft Drinks Hurt Your Smile!

Here’s a bit more insight into why, without the high sugar of regular sodas, diet soft drinks can be just as harmful to your smile!

*How Acidic Drinks Harm Your Teeth*

There is always bacteria in your mouth, some of it good, and some of it bad.

Of all the residue and debris that enters your mouth, sugar is going to be the preferred power source of the bad bacteria. Once it starts feeding off of sugar, it secretes harmful acids.

Those acids go straight for your tooth enamel, breaking it down one microscopic piece at a time.

That’s where the real problems for your teeth and gums can start, where bacteria has easier access to the inside where your dental pulp lives, an area rich in nerves and blood vessels.

But even without sugar, your mouth is still vulnerable against the highly acidic composition of diet soft drinks. Phosphoric acid found in soda, in particular, will not just eat away at your teeth, but it will impede your absorption of calcium, something your body, and especially your teeth, need to stay strong and healthy.

*Water Is The Best Choice*

Of all your beverage options, water is always going to be the best one for your oral and overall health.

Like anything else, moderation is wise, and a diet soft drink here and there isn’t likely to have a lasting impact on your smile.

But if you do reach for any acidic drink on a regular basis, be sure to reach for water twice as often!

Visit Us Soon To Keep Your Teeth Strong!

Along with drinking plenty of water, you’ll need to maintain a teeth-friendly diet to best protect your smile.

If you want to learn more about how food and drinks impact your oral health, visit us soon for your next dental cleaning and exam, and be sure to ask about our nutritional counseling. We will make sure you have the tools to fuel your teeth and gums with the right vitamins and minerals for a lifetime of healthy smiling!

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