Does Wanting A Great Smile Make You Feel Vain?

You wouldn’t believe how common it is for our patients to want to improve their smiles. Probably every other person we see asks us what we can do to fix something that has been bothering them for years. But all we have to mention is cosmetic dentistry and something changes: the word “cosmetic” strikes a lot of people as being a sign of vanity.

We’ve been providing cosmetic dentistry solutions for a long time at Northwest Dental Group, and we just want to say that they are anything but a sign of vanity. For so many people the desire to make a cosmetic change to their teeth is caught up closely with a desire for more confidence, happiness, and self-assuredness. If you ask us, those desires are hardly superficial!

Do You Know How Important Your Smile Is?

If you ask a group of people what they first notice when meeting a new person more than half of them will tell you it’s the smile. Your teeth are a focal point of your face, and they have a huge influence on how people perceive you. Not only as a potential friend or colleague, but as a potential romantic interest as well. In fact, around 50 percent of people say that a great smile is more important that body type or fashion sense.

These kinds of statistics are a big argument against your smile desires being purely superficial, aren’t they? Great teeth are an essential part of a happy, fulfilled, and enjoyable life. If you spend all your time hiding your teeth and devising ways to go unnoticed you’ll be missing out on plenty of opportunities. Not only that, but people will notice.

With your teeth being such a prominent part of your look it’s hard to truly hide your smile. When you keep your lips closed tightly, raise a hand when laughing, or otherwise work to keep your teeth hidden people pick up on it. Those cues aren’t always conscious, but they do have an effect on how people think of you.

Smiles that are open, natural, and full of teeth are seen as friendlier, more trustable, and more welcoming. People with these kinds of smiles find it easier to make friends, get jobs and promotions, and find romance. But it can’t all be the teeth, right?

Your Smile Sets Your State Of Mind

If you don’t like your teeth you take steps to hide them, in many cases unconsciously. This has an indisputable effect on your confidence, sense of self worth, poise, willingness to take chances, and many other aspects of your public persona. It’s hardly vain to want to feel confident enough to pursue your life goals, is it?

At our Rochester office we believe firmly in giving you the tools you need to make yourself feel the way you want. It doesn’t matter if you just want a whiter smile or if you’d rather have a complete dental makeover: if we can help you feel better about who you are then we’re going to do all we can to make it happen!

What We Can Do For You

Our cosmetic offerings are numerous because we know that everyone needs something different. When you come to Northwest Dental Group to transform your smile you’ll be getting care that’s custom tailored to exactly what you need.

  • Veneers are like false nails for your teeth. We permanently attach them to the front to whiten, reshape, align, repair, smooth, and beautify your look. And the best part is that we can do it in just two appointments!
  • Bonding is a lot like veneers, but the bonds are shaped right on your teeth. We’ll transform your smile in just a single visit – perfect for those who need a new look right away.
  • Teeth Whitening from over-the-counter kits isn’t reliable, but our professional-grade whitening is. You’ll get real whitening results fast, either at-home or in our office.
  • can straighten your teeth in about half the time of traditional braces. The best part? It does it all with plastic aligners that are undetectable and removable to eat and brush!
  • Gum Reshaping can restore receding gums and shorten those that are too long, revealing the smile hidden underneath.

Those are just some of our cosmetic offerings – the list goes on!

Taking Control Of Your Look Doesn’t Mean You’re Vain

A great smile can open countless doors, and you deserve all the chances you want to perfect your life. Let us help make it happen at Northwest Dental Group: call us today at 507-315-2932 or request an appointment right here online. We’ll see you soon!