Dental Implants: There’s A Lot To Love Here

Missing a tooth is a big deal. Your beautiful smile now looks awful. You could have trouble eating. Then there are the health risks. All in all, you need a replacement fast. Simply put, dental implants are amazing. They do a great job of replacing a lost tooth. In fact, here are six reasons why you’ll love a dental implant.

1. Your smile will look complete and great again.

Imagine someone you know, like a co-worker or family friend. Now imagine them missing some teeth and smiling at you. What goes through your mind? That’s what can go through other people’s minds when they see your smile with a gap in it. Just knowing that will ruin your confidence and self-esteem. You might even try hiding your smile or not smiling. How long can you do that? Dental implants replace missing teeth with beautiful, healthy-looking replacements. That gap is filled with what looks just like a real tooth. That means your smile looks great again. Your confidence will come back, and that’s a good reason to love your dental implants.

2. They can be used to make sure your dentures will stay put.

If you’re replacing a single lost tooth, then a dental implant is a perfect solution. What if you need to replace all of the teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth? Traditionally, you would get full dentures. Modern dentures look and feel great. They use the same replacement teeth like a dental implant. Instead of just one, you’ll get a full arch. But full dentures can move around when you try to chew something tough like bread with a hard crust or an apple. They can even fall out.

At our Rochester, MN dental office, you can get implant-supported dentures. These are full dentures. Instead of only relying on adhesives, your dentures will connect to several implanted roots. Your replacement teeth will stay where you want them. How can you not love that?

3. Mini-implants can be used to replace small or thin teeth.

Your teeth come in different sizes. Your molars are pretty big, and your front teeth on the bottom can be pretty small. A dental implant is by no means a big thing. It’s actually quite thin. But they can be hard to fit in if your teeth are small. To help with this, you can get mini implants instead. These work just like regular implants: titanium root, abutment, and replacement tooth. But the root and tooth are all much thinner than normal. This means you can replace those small front teeth and get a smile you love.

4. They can help you get an All-on-4 ® restoration.

An alternative to getting an implant-supported denture is the All-on-4. These feature a full arch of natural-looking replacement teeth just like dentures. The difference is a patented method of placing some of the implanted roots. Two are surgically placed in the front, and then two more are set in the back at an angle. This provides even greater support and durability.

5. Your jawbone will stay strong.

Normally, the roots of your teeth extend into your jawbone. That’s why your teeth are so strong; they’re embedded in bone. That’s what your jawbone is designed to do. In fact, every time you chew, sensation travels down your roots and into the bone tissue. This helps keeps your bone healthy and strong almost like how exercise keeps your muscles strong. When you lose a tooth, that sensation is gone. Your jawbone will slowly start to deteriorate and get weak.

Dental implants mimic how your real teeth work. That titanium root allows sensation to stimulate the bone tissue again. This prevents bone tissue deterioration so your jaw stays strong and healthy. A strong jaw is something you’ll love.

6. Your teeth and gums will be healthier.

It’s not like the cosmetic benefits of a dental implant are unimportant. You deserve to look good and feel confident about that. However, missing a tooth is a health risk. Food particles can build up in the empty space along the gumline. You’re going to be more likely to get gum disease and even cavities on the teeth next to the gap. That empty space just makes it easier for harmful bacteria to thrive in your mouth.

Filling that space with a dental implant does wonders. You’ll still need to brush and floss like normal, but your risk of gum disease and tooth decay will decrease once it’s placed. That’s an easy thing to love.

The longer you wait to replace a lost tooth, the worse things will get. You don’t need the health risks and loss of confidence that comes with the empty space in your smile. Dental implants are easy to love because they help in so many ways. Call us today at 507-216-6252 for an appointment to discuss how dental implants will help you.