Dental Care That’s Available NOW!

Nothing is scarier than having an emergency and not knowing where to turn. There are countless situations that you can find yourself it with no one to help, or without knowing who to call. At Northwest Dental Group we want to take one of those worries away for you – emergency dental care.

We’ve designed our practice around caring for those in need, especially emergency patients! Whether you’re in pain, fractured a tooth, lost a tooth, or are having any other kind of oral care emergency you can turn to us for help day or night!

Same-Day Dental Care

You never know when an emergency will strike so there’s no reason you should have to wait for emergency care! Both of our offices are available for same-day treatments of your dental emergencies! If you call early in the day we’ll guarantee you’ll be seen! We make the best effort to see all patients the same day they call, but we can only 100 percent guarantee patients who call us before noon.

We also offer an after-hours on-call line. If you’re having an emergency outside of our normal business hours you’ll be forwarded to our on-call dentist: you’re never without someone watching your back! If an after-hours call is enough to determine that you don’t need to go to the emergency room we’ll make sure we see you first thing the next day!

How Can We Help You?

Even the smallest dental emergency can seem huge when it’s happening to you or someone you love. We want to help you get effective, fast care that relieves your pain and preserves your smile and it’s much easier if you take these steps!


There are a number of causes for a toothache and many of them have to do with tooth decay, gum disease, and inflammation. If you’re experiencing a toothache it can completely overwhelm you! First thing’s first: take some ibuprofen. It’s great at relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and decreasing swelling without the blood-thinning properties of tylenol.

If you’re experiencing any swelling use an ice pack to help bring it down. You can also swish your mouth out with warm salt water to help clean any infection that may be present.

Lost Tooth?

If you’ve lost a tooth for any reason we can help! Make sure to find the tooth, hold it only by the crown, and put it in a glass of milk after rinsing it off. If you don’t have access to milk place it inside your cheek to keep it safe.

Be sure to never touch the tooth roots and never remove any tissue that may still be attacked. Use gauze to stop bleeding and take some ibuprofen to ease the pain.

Fractured Tooth?

Don’t worry – we can often still save a fractured tooth! Try to recover all the broken parts of the tooth and preserve them in an envelope, glass of milk, or other safe container. If there are any sharp pieces still in your mouth use some wax, gauze, or cotton to protect yourself from further injury.

Rinse your mouth out to prevent any infection or debris from causing harm to your mouth. You can also take some ibuprofen to relieve any pain.

No Matter The Emergency …

… We’re here for you! Our goal is always to protect and preserve your natural teeth. Lost teeth can often be saved and successfully re-placed and even a fractured tooth can be repaired or restored with a crown. The roots of your natural teeth are essential to keeping your mouth healthy – we don’t want you to lose even a single one!

If you’re having a dental care emergency don’t wait – you can reach both our Rochester dentist offices by calling 507-216-6252! If you prefer to contact us online you can do so by filling out our online contact form. We look forward to getting you great same-day care!