Could Chronic Sinus Infections Be A Dental Problem?

No matter the season there’s always time for a sinus infection, isn’t there? If you’re constantly plagued by an inability to breath, a tender face, sensitive teeth, and the generally down feeling of a sinus infection you know it’s one of the most miserable things in the world.

It’s that one symptom we want to talk about today: sore teeth. When your maxillary sinuses (the ones right above your mouth) become infected the pain can spread down into your teeth with an aching, miserable feeling. Sometimes it even hurts so bad it’s hard to eat!

Chronic maxillary sinus infections that include sore teeth could be a sign of a dental health problem that we could treat at our Rochester office. Imagine being able to put an end to chronic sinus pain once and for all!

Sinuses And Teeth: How Are They Connected?

There is very little bone between your upper molars and your sinuses. Depending on the size of your sinuses the distance could be as little as just a few millimeters! It’s possible for the pain in your teeth to simply be caused by pressure in the sinuses, but the chances are still very good that your pain is due to a problem with your teeth.

Around 20 percent of maxillary sinus infections are caused by infections of the teeth – that’s a really high number! That chances that your sinus infections are caused by a dental abscess is even greater if you’re dealing with chronic flare ups. While most dental abscesses are painful there’s always the possibility that they could go unnoticed.

At this point you might be wondering how your sinuses are becoming infected by your teeth – there’s still a layer of bone between the two. Unfortunately that bone doesn’t always matter, and it’s also possible for an abscess or infection to eat right through the bone!

What Is An Abscess?

Serious tooth infections start small, just like most every problem in your mouth. The smallest cavity will eventually eat its way into the root of your tooth, and possibly beyond. Once the infection of a root spreads beyond a tooth it forms an abscess, a small but dangerous pocket of infection.

Abscesses are serious. They can eventually get bad enough to eat bone, destroy gum tissue, and obliterate teeth. When they happen close to your sinuses they’re even more serious, and can be the source of constant miserable sinus infections.

While it’s rare for an abscess to eat through the bone, it’s much more common for bacteria to migrate through the bone and into your sinuses, where they find a warm, moist environment that’s perfect for spreading rapidly.

Eliminate Your Chronic Sinus Pain!

If you’ve been suffering from sinus infections that include pain in your teeth you owe it to yourself to find a solution – no one deserves to live with that kind of constant discomfort. At Northwest Dental Group we can help diagnose and treat chronic infections caused by your teeth.

Once we’ve verified the origin of the pain is a dental abscess we’ll need to perform a root canal. Don’t worry – the modern root canal is nothing like the rumors suggest! We use anesthesia, and can also sedate you if you would prefer.

Removing an abscess is easiest by accessing it through the infected tooth. That way we can clear out the infection, sterilize the tooth, and seal it off to prevent further problems. In the event an abscess has eaten into your sinuses oral surgery will be needed to restore bone mass.

Don’t Ignore Chronic Maxillary Sinus Infections!

A dental abscess is always a serious condition that requires treatment, but the longer you wait to get it the more serious the problem becomes. Treatment at an early stage can be simple compared to the complicated oral surgery you may need to restore bone mass!

Better yet, stop a dental abscess from ever starting by seeing us for regular checkups. You could prevent infection, tooth decay, gum disease, and even sinus pain with regular dental care!

Our Rochester office is always here for you, so never hesitate to call us for any of your dental care needs. You can reach us at 507-315-2932 or you can request an appointment right here online. We look forward to seeing you soon!